Sunday, June 21, 2009

Brian's First Father's Day

Brian had a great first Father's Day full of golf with the guys...he will not let me brag by posting his score but I can say he played VERY well. Most of all he had a blast with Jon, Jeff and Mark!!! The weekend was also full of watching the US Open and meeting with friends including lunch with Jeff and Debbi Jeffords at 131 Main. Just like Kade, Teagan loved hanging out in their arms. We caught some great pics below!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Teagan's First Travel!

We had a BLAST at Gere and Rachael's wedding in Colorado. It was gorgeous and we had too, too, too much fun catching up with the Colorado crew and the Irish that flew in for the festivities. Teagan proved to be an easy traveler and experienced many "firsts" during our stay. Special thanks to Nana Mo who came from Dallas to babysit while we danced the night away...ok, I danced the night away. Brian? Not so much! However, he did make it out on the dance floor long enough to give the groom a serious case of The Bumps!!

Teagan met the lovely Nokovics who gave her a most appropriate gift via Dr. Seuss!
Our US Airways pilot allowed us into the cockpit upon hearing this was her first flight!

At baggage claim...Daddy is beginning to think Mom is camera crazy but one day he'll love all the pics!

Chilling at the Hotel Monaco which is right across the street from the loft apartment Michelle and Ann Marie shared when we first moved to Colorado!

Anne Dillon meets little Teagan!

Karen Dillon looked stunning in her gorgeous purple dress!

We love Michiko and baby Stephen! He was born just two weeks before Teagan and is sure to be a heartbreaker like big brother Sean.

Tea had lots of smiles for Nana Mo who taught her the hokey pokey and pilates!

Baby Teagan and Baby Ryan in an this is so very different from our days in San Diego when the fire department was called because we'd crammed too many happy Gaelic footballers into one sad elevator!

Alex Nokovic meets Tea!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

So Big!! Teagan is One Month Old!

We had Teagan's one month check up this week and found our little chunky monkey has shot up to 8 lb 7 oz! She's a super happy baby and we are ever grateful for that. So far she's a fan of her swing, music, sleeping on daddy's chest and the swaddle.

We leave for Gere and Rachael's wedding a week from today and look forward to introducing her to the Colorado crew and Irish flying in!
Our angel baby! I took this during an afternoon nap.

I had to include this as we got a chuckle upon finding cousin Kade in his former stroller.

Teagan's New Friends

Hello everyone! Brian and I are having a blast with our little mouse while adjusting to various degrees of sleep deprivation. Long gone are the days of sleeping in...or sleeping much for that matter. My mom laughed when I raved about our "amazing" nap that lasted a whopping two hours one afternoon. Happily Teagan is moving into longer stretches of slumber which means I actually have time to post new blog official apology to the grandparents for the delay as they have been more than patient!

Teagan's New Friends
Over the past few weeks Brian and I have been touched by how many friends have gone out of their way to make this a super special time for us! This has included homemade (and deeeeeeee-lish!) dinners delivered by our church home team, friends and neighbors as well as sweet newborn gifts and visits at the hospital and home! Here are some pictures captured as Teagan was introduced to some of her new friends!

Heather stopped by the hospital with loads of goodies and met Teagan!

Nikki, on her way to the night shift as an ER nurse!

Barrie, Linda and Cindy came bearing sweet gifts and gorgeous roses from Linda's garden.
Emily and Donia with Teagan. She's so good with the baby!
Debbie and Allison who along with Donia and Emily brought a gorgeous dinner (and then some!) and sweet outfits for Teagan!
Leslie also brought us a yummy dinner!
Olivia, Shannon and Teagan. Olivia dubbed Teague Queen of the Crib via a new onesie and matching stuffed animal she picked out herself!
Shannon, Teagan, Olivia, me and Heather at the Riese's Memorial Day bash!
Shannon, Teagan, Jordan and Olivia
Maddie who has had lots of big sis practice with toddler Joshua. She's a natural!
Angel, Teagan and Christian. They brought delish Lousisiana fare in addition to the cutest outfits ever! I simply will not shed my pregnancy pounds with all this great food around!
Christian picked out these socks especially for the baby - and she loves them!