Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Teagan's First Beach Trip

Hello everyone! You may be wondering where the heck we have been??? Sigh. I so wish I were as diligent in updating the blog given friends with two, three and more children, super busy careers and social lives who manage to make blog updating look - well, ever so easy. I even know one super dad who updates regularly with cool videos and a clever mom who changes the background of her blog daily....Alas, that would not be this blog. I had the very best intentions of posting our Florida scoop (mere weeks after the September trip) when an emergency in Ireland called us home. Thankfully all is well on the Emerald Isle and I am a dedicated picture taker, much to my husband's delight (um hm). We've much to catch up on then so here we go!

Teagan's First Beach Trip
First, in September Teagan and I went on a spur-of-the moment trip to Florida so she could meet my sister and her family. The look on her cousins faces as we surprised them was priceless! We have some great memories of our time with Uncle Ron, Auntie Angie and cousins Peyton, Kiersten and Zachary.

Teagan's first time touching sand! Here she is practicing the "Mmmmm" face her cousins taught her. Thanks auntie Angie for the great picture idea! Who needs a professional photographer with her around?
We took this one for daddy's desk.
Love this outfit from the R's. We thought this old piece of driftwood was a pretty cool backdrop.
Mom took this one. One of my favs.
We saw dolphins swimming just off the shore everyday.

Kiersten and Peyton snuggling up with little Mouse.

Poor Zachary. He'd had enough of the pictures already!! Z-Man, Uncle Brian says he knows just how you feel.

Thanks Uncle Ron and Auntie Angie for an awesome time!!

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