Saturday, October 1, 2011

Reason to Celebrate!

We have had a rough two weeks of chills, fevers, sore throats - you name it! But it has been wonderful as well because in the midst of two rounds of viruses we were well enough to get the girls dedicated at our church!

I know many of you reading come from different backgrounds and countries so I'll take a minute to explain what dedication means in our church. We believe that as parents we should dedicate our family to raising these precious lives in partnership with our church to love Jesus and have the Bible and its message in their hearts. Then when they are old enough to make the decision (usually around 7-10 years old) they will hopefully decide to accept Jesus as their Savior and ask him into their hearts. It is a simple, sweet prayer that can be whispered in private. There is no set prayer for this but it might go something like:

Dear God,
I know that I am a sinner and need forgiveness. I believe that Jesus Christ shed His precious blood and died for my sin so I can spend eternity in Heaven. I invite Christ into my heart and life as my personal Saviour.

That is so simple and yet so important! Being saved does not require anything else -not good deeds, not being sinless, just that simple prayer affirming belief in Christ as the single path to God. Still we pray the girls will one day choose to be baptised in front of the church simply as a public declaration of their faith. What a great day for celebration that will be!

We got just a few friends together for the ceremony as we wanted to have it when Betty was visiting. Brian had to make a speech in front of the church, a mere 4,000 people!! It was beautiful and moving and I was so proud of him!

Our neighbors Lonnie, Jennifer, Madeline, Olivia and Landon. We learn so much from watching them walk with Jesus.

Natasha and Krissy made the day extra special!

Our favorite verse is
Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. - James 1:17

The beginnings of our table. I love the three roses Betty picked from our garden representing The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The books are bedtime prayers that will record our voices reading them to the girls. I hope it is something they pass down to their children.

Melissa and Greg - aren't they cute together?

Isla loves Madeline

...and her Auntie Melissa!

My sister and me with the girls! We had such a great day!
Betty with her Tuppence! She and Isla formed a special bond while she was visiting.

My sweet nephew Kade! We love this little boy like our own and always include him in our prayers that we pray for the girls.




Brian said it so much better than I will here but when we pray for our kids (including cousin Kade) each day we pray that:

- they will have a close, personal relationship w/ God
- the will have a heart to serve others
- we will be the parents God wants us to be

We can't wait to see what God does in their lives and thank our friends and our amazing church for giving us a foundation and support!


  1. I think that is so great. Thanks for sharing. How special! We dedicated our daughter as a baby and hope one day when she is old enough, she will gladly choose to follow Jesus and be baptized and live for Him :)

    Thanks for coming by my blog. I appreciate it. You mentioned you visited me from BHEveryday. I don't think I know what that is? But I am glad you came by!


  2. This was such a perfect day. I'm so happy to have shared it with you. Love to all!!

  3. Hi this is Nicole from Colie’s Kitchen I just discovered your blog and wanted to drop by and say hi. I am now a new follower. I would love to have you stop by Colie’s Kitchen if you get a chance.


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