Sunday, May 26, 2013

Disney Magic - Part 1

We took a family trip to Disney wayyyyyyyyy back in March! I meant to share the pictures earlier but I was determined to figure it out why my transparent frames were showing up with this black background. Never found the time which means the pics never got posted! So here they are, black backgrounds and all! We had an awesome time! 

I was part of Disney's college internship program and thought it a blast! For a semester I lived with students from around the world in a furnished apartment within a resort Disney set aside just for us. We had class and projects but for the most part it was just a ton of fun with unlimited access to the parks. Even so? Nothing but nothing beats experiencing Disney magic as a parent to two very excited preschoolers!

Isla waiting for her very first ride. Brian: "It'll be grand!"

It was awesome seeing Poppy, Jessica, Jordyn, Carrington and Uncle Rob! He was sporting a 'tash for an Air Force benefit. We are all so proud of him!

Dinoland is always full of surprises! This reaction at the sound of a roar!!

Cousin chase through the caves!!


African safari naptime. Dad's shoulder is the best place to be!

Peek-a-Boo Baby!

Dinoland Rocked!
Day one is done and dusted! But there is so much more to share! Stay tuned....

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