Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Disney Recap

Kade is such a lucky and loved little boy. He got a trip to Disney in Florida as well as a Disney cruise to the Bahamas for his third birthday which we celebrated on February 21st! He, Mommy Melissa and Nana Mo had an amazing time! We loved catching up with him again over an indoor picnic as the weather had turned cold. He told us alllllll about his big adventures which included meeting a very tall Buzz Lightyear, Dora, Captain Hook and more!
He made Teagan a Mouseketeer as well! These two sure did miss each other and it was as cute as buttons seeing them together again.
A new Buzz, Bullseye anddddddddd Woody? Thanks Nana Mo!! I am not sure a happier boy exists.
I had to include this one for Uncle Rob. He's our little Fighter Pilot at heart and wears this jacket everywhere! Looks way tough...even if his favorite snuggle (appropriately dubbed "Horse") is in the pic.

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