Sunday, December 5, 2010

November: Something Nice!

Teagan loves to point out things that she has deemed "Nice!" and "Not Nice!" Examples of nice include ice cream (eye-heem), her favorite snuggle toy and Ming Ming from The Wonder Pets. In the not-so-nice realm are sand on her toes, changing her diaper and getting anything messy on her princess hands!

Luckily for us November 2010 included many things that were indeed nice! We enjoyed playdates galore, grandpa Gerry's 80th birthday, Rob & Jessica's gorgeous wedding in Destin, Florida (pictures in a separate post as this was too much fun!), Thanksgiving with The G's and tons of birthdays for family and friends. Here are just a few favorite memories as the month moved faster than my pregnancy brain could capture the moments on our camera!

Jeff popped over from The Riese family celebration to say hello!
Alex is so grown up with the grand parents!

Betty and Gerry get a true Thanksgving Dinner during their US visit!
Alex, Jen, Olivia and Jon - we love you guys for hosting us each year!
The G Family!
Rare pic where we are all looking at the camera!
Happy Thanksgiving from our family!
Melissa and Jen catching up before the feast
Teagan is absolutely smitten with her Auntie "Wiss!"

Teagan and buddy Lera on a playdate
I love this picture of Lera, Caleb and Teagan. The water table was a HUGE hit that day. Tea got soaked despite her smock!
Each month it is getting harder to capture my monkey on camera as she is constantly on the go-go-go!
Sweet Caleb
Lera and Natasha - two of our favorite girls!

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