Sunday, December 5, 2010

Uncle Rob & Aunt Jessica's Wedding

My gorgeous nieces

We traveled to Destin, Florida for Rob & Jessica's wedding on November 20th. It was such an amazing trip as we got to be with our entire family for the first time in years! Lots of laughs and great memories plus the wedding was stunning.

My camera was on the blink the entire trip...this I later discovered, was due to operator error. I really must take Brian's advice and stop pushing buttons on this thing if I haven't a clue what they do! I had all kinds of weird settings going. At any rate, I got a few good shots. But pics of the bride and groom are seriously lacking here. Mon dieu. Pregnancy brain strikes again! I hope to order some from their wedding photograper soon! In the meantime, thanks Rob and Jessica for the lovely time and best wishes for many, many more happy years to come!

We had a family dinner at Cantina Laredo on our first night!
My sister Angie and Kiersten
Angie and Peyton
Nana Mo and the girls!
Kade loves the beach!
The R Family - we love you!
Sisters Dana and Melissa looking so pretty before the wedding
Brian and Teagan

Ron and Zachary...poor Zach ended up with a lovely green cast after the trip!

Love this picture of my mom, Maureen

Ah!!!! ONE picture of the bride and groom! Don't they look amazing?
Sweet picture of Teagan in her daddy's lap
Brian, Jim and Ron - The Three Amigos
If there is one thing Brian HATES it is pickles and it has become a sort of thing to give him a hard time about. So naturally we ordered fried pickels (a southern delicacy) from the aptly named Pickels Beachside Shack in Seaside which is a cute town where they filmed The Truman Show! We got him a hat from here too but he won't wear it as he swears it smells like...picklessssssss!!!
Here's the shot of those fried pickles!!! Yummmmmmmmy! Notice, Brian is no where near the table.
Cousins having fun before we jump on a plane. We had a GREAT time and miss you!

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  1. We had such a good time, didn't we?


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