Thursday, January 26, 2012

Catching Up: Halloween 2011

We were in Colorado for Halloween this year and had an amazing time! Conor and Ann-Marie let us tag along for their festivities and I have to say this was one of my very favorite Halloween celebrations ever. We visited Ryan's cute-as-can-be preschool and took part in the kid's parade through the town visiting merchants who handed out candy.

My little purple fairy! I left her wings at home and we were so grateful that buddy Bridget let us borrow hers for the big day!

This is too exciting!

Isn't Ann-Marie the coolest, ever??

THIS is how happy my little Teagan was to find out our room had been Boo'd while we were out! She loved all the candies and treats!

Our next stop was Cian's school where we got to help our Angry Bird out with his class party! Here he is winning at math BINGO! We had so much fun! They also had a school parade on top of their hill looking over the gorgeous snow covered mountains!

On Halloween night we all went to Christoph and Valerie's house. I love their neighbor's Soul Surfer costume..she came up with it by herself!

Isla was an angel for Halloween! She had on a white tutu borrowed from big sis and the prettiest little wings. We went to three houses before heading back indoors. It was too cold for a southern baby!

Teagan and Bridget had so much fun trick-or-treating together...but they got a little sidetracked at this house where the cat inside was way more intriguing than the candy!

My very sleepy Angel Baby. Isla says goodnight everyone and stay tuned for our pictures of our trip to the zoo next!

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