Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Groovy Kind Of Love

If there is one thing my little girl loves it is art! Last week I took Teagan to the best little studio where she got to go to five toddler friendly stations and create Valentine themed art to her little heart's content! Here she is painting with shaving cream. I recently saw a Pinterest post on this where the mom added food coloring to the shaving cream to make it a bath-friendly medium. How cool is that?

Teagan also got to paint a large wooden heart and then paint and glue on smaller hearts.

Next she beaded pipe cleaners attached to her wooden hearts, turning it into a cool ornament that now graces our refrigerator.

This was my favorite station. She painted a heart shaped doily and topped it with various pieces of fun fabric, yarn, glitter and more making a very groovy Valentine for Daddy!

My little Jackson Pollock! We moved from station to station according to Teagan's whims and she had the best time while still getting everything in!

She decorated a fun Valentine's mailbox with more paint and glitter...

And wrapped up the session with a trip to the play dough table followed by the whale collage table. Love it!

I got a bunch of great ideas and can't wait to make my own little craft stations with her at home. If you have toddlers, what are some of your favorite crafts and art projects? I'd love ideas so be sure to link them up this Tuesday on our Destination: Inspiration Linky Party!Happy Sunday! Stay warm everyone!

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  1. Your daughter is beautiful! Love her name. Looks like quite the little artist!


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