Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

Happy Saturday friends! We had a sweet time yesterday with our toddler buddies with a Valentine's party! First we made a craft Valentine's mailbox. Next we delivered Valentine's cards to each other, had pink lemonaide and other goodies. We wrapped it up with a pink lesson on how to decorate mini cupcakes with frosting and festive sprinkles! The picture above is my favorite picture from the day of sweet Alexa Kate decorating her cupcakes! When 11:30 rolled around it was time for lunch and naptime! An exhausted but happy Teagan, Isla and mommy took a three hour nap!

Teagan so excited and waiting for friends to arrive!

I just love little Landon's cute Valentine's outfit! Mama Leah looks amazing too! On of my favorite photos from the day.

Buddies Kaden and Carson! Aren't they cute? Carson asked if she could take her daddy a cupcake and that just made my heart melt!

Check out Alexa Kate's cuuteeeeeeee skirt!

Kaden's brother Grayson always makes me smile!

My happy baby. She stayed in her carseat most of the party, content to just watch the festivities. I just love this picture of her two little teeth.

I am SO excited Blair and Lauren got to join us!! Isn't Blair so pretty? Love this!

Speaking of pretty! Wendy and Alexa Kate added some sparkletastic to the party!

We were delighted that Natasha's dad Ivan could join us! He's visiting from Russia. Doesn't he have the kindest eyes? Is so see my beloved friend in her Daddy's face! And Lera loves her grandpa!

I adore the bows in Lera's hair. Isn't that precious?

Ha! Landon seems to be thinking, "What have we done giving all these kids sugar???"

Looks like baby Isla is just as mesmerized as mommy by all the pinkalicious goodies here!

Shanna and baby Liam get a snuggle in!

Hi sleepy boy!

Happy Valentine's! I still have so many fun kid crafts to share and pictures from Teagan's Valentine's art class last week! Hope to see you tomorrow for more. Plus, we had a GREAT turnout this week for our first Tuesday Destination: Inspiration Linky Party. Be sure to come back if you submitted to see if you were featured. And if it is your first time, join in the fun!

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  1. Looks like a fun little party! Lots of memories for the kids when they are older.


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