Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kade's First Bike

"Yisten" everyone, it's been a BIG week here! Kade got his first bike, a super cool Spiderman bike. In a Buzz Lightyear nano-second he went from not-so-sure about the pedals to wizzing around Wal-Mart in super Spidy fashion! He tried it out later in Melissa's neighborhood and sure enough he has this down! Since then he has announced to every kid he meets that make no mistake, he has indeed acquired a brand new Spiderman bike.

Timing worked out especially well for this as he is staying with us for three days while Melissa is in Denver on a business trip. With roughly 17 kids on our cul-de-sac he has no shortage of kids to play with. Still, when I asked him if he'd come to stay for a few days he said, "Yisten, I can stay for a yittle while...but then I have to yeave."

....I heart Kade.

If I can just figure out this helmet.
He loves to say, "Guys, check this out!"
And he's off!

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