Monday, May 3, 2010

Trip to Arizona

We had a great trip to Arizona where we caught up with Teagan's Uncle Ron, Auntie Angela and cousins Peyton, Kiersten and Zachary! We'll always remember this time because it was full of laughter, trips to the park, impromptu ballet recitals, the zoo, sitting outside their house with its gorgeous mountain views and a very special first birthday party. But I get ahead of myself. The birthday celebrations will be posted next. For now, pictures of our trip!
Notice my vice-like grip as Teagan wanted to walk everywhere but was still unsteady!

Peyton minutes before giving this little fella a mohawk! She's an amazing gardener, horse enthusiast and ballerina. It is always so fun catching up with the kids and seeing what they are into now!

Kiersten gives Tea a push at Game Day. She's a brilliant soccer player looking so like her mom at that age. But she's just as gifted at ballet, our funny monkey who makes us laugh and loves pandas!

Fun at the zoo with Ron, Angie, Zachary and Teagan

She loved the ducklings!
So sweet!
The zoo was amazing! We got so very close to the animals.
What the heck is that Mom?????
Oh, ok! A giraffe...all's well!

Zachary got a raspberry!
In the R's backyard with its gorgeous views. This was our favorite place to wrap up the day.
Teagan learned to hug...and practiced on Zachary often! She loves him so. He kept her in stitches the entire trip! I told Brian we either need to get a little kitty or a Zachary for Tea.
Don't they look alike? It's wild! Poor Madison was not a fan of the baby who insisted on chasing her round and round the house whilst emitting high squeals of delight!
I loved being able to catch up with my sister! We stayed up way too late talking each night but I left with new recipes, books to read, and inspiration! Always fun catching up with The Luz!
Thanks to the R's for such an amazing trip! We love you!!!

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