Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Erin Go Bragh (Ireland Forever)

Hello everyone! I have been trying to post but we have been so busy amidst celebrations, doctor's appointments and getting multiple bids on the dreaded air conditioner replacement. By the way, that has just gotta happen as we have already hit above 80 degrees here...I know, in March! The good news is I took at ton of pictures while we were busy and have five new posts in the works so stay tuned over the next few days as I get caught up sharing!

Last week was full of celebrating St. Patrick's Day...and I suppose I over extended my pregnant self as we had a nice trip to Labor and Delivery on Saturday night due to low blood pressure. We had to leave John and Blair's dinner party to do so. It was so disappointing as we love catching up with them and all our friends who were there and it doesn't happen often enough with everyone's busy schedules. And as we were in hospital until midnight we didn't get to church on Sunday either. Then yesterday little Tea woke up with a terrible cough so we've been lying low this week too. Hopefully we'll be rearing to go again later this week. I keep thinking we just have three short weeks until Teagan's birthday party, my family's arrival, the new baby's debut and Easter! There is so much to do!!

Here are some of the highlights from all the fun!
First I have to say a HUGE thank you to Stephanie from Poppies Garden! She made this adorable dress in record time with a matching bow for Teagan. She is so sweet to work with and her prices are super reasonable so check out her Poppies Garden Facebook page at

Brian just loves Christmas and didn't want to part with our Christmas tree this year despite February inching closer by the day. So I promised him that if he would take it down we'd have a mini Paddy's Day tree in March! This is one of my favorite ornaments!

Isn't this beautiful? Poppy and Nana Mo sent this sweet surprise and it made the perfect centerpiece for our Irish dinner on Friday night!

My Japanese friend Michiko is married to an Irish Brian! When I think of her it is always with a big smile on her face and something funny and witty to say! She is incredibly sweet and thoughtful aside from being an an amazing wife and mother of Sean and Stephen. Plus, she is an incredible cook! I promised to share her recipe for brown bread so here it is!

Michiko's Irish Soda Bread
3 c all-purpose flour
1 c wheat bran or wheat flour
pinch of salt
2 tsp baking soda
300-400 ml buttermilk

Directions: Mix first four ingredients together then add buttermilk. Mix until the dough becomes soft and pliable, like an earlobe. Bake at 400 degrees for around 15-20

Kade was such a sweet boy and wanted to help me make the bread!

He makes me laugh! Before I could stop him he slung his foot up on the counter insisting that I get a picture of the cool new shoes his Poppy and Nana Mo bought for him!
Teagan snagged Kade's cool shamrock glasses!

Madeline came over to help while we got dinner ready. She came up with this oh-so-chic version of Tea's Paddy's Day wear!

Aren't these cookies too cute? Jennifer and the kids made them. Remember my Valentine's heart blobs? I must get this recipe as they were yummy and actually kept the shape of the cookie cutters!

Brian's de-lish Irish Stew, Jennifer's salad, my brown bread and the cookies made for a wonderful meal with good friends!

The next day we took a sleepy Teagan to our Paddy's Day parade!

Brianne and Melissa, fresh from their four mile race! Way to go ladies!!
Myself and Brian!

Jackson is Totally Charmin'!

Caleb had a blast!

The preggers club! Shanna was just days away from giving birth to baby Sophia. She was born yesterday and I can't wait to meet her! I think I am next up unless our babies have other plans!
Brian and Dave give the parade the thumbs up!
That night we headed to John, Blair and Lauren's house. Lauren is such a sweet, cuddly girl. Like Tea she is a big Yo Gabba Gabba fan...and also going to be a big sister this year!

Sigrid made a new friend! Lauren took to her right away.
Teagan, Lauren and Zia having fun at the sand table!

Charlie was so great with the kids and they loved him! I see little ones in his future with fiance Sigrid.....

This is a nice one for my pregnant friends who may be reading in the wee hours. I got this cupcake from a local bakery...just had to "test" the flavors in case we use them for Teagan's birthday party. Isn't it pretty?
Getting ready for our Thursday playdate!
We made ornaments for our Thursday playdate friends and Roman!

My little girl went straight for the John Deer tractor despite her dress!

Happy St. Patrick's Day Elsa!
Jackson loved Kaden and Greyson's slide! He came down headfirst a few times, no bother at all!

A big smile from Kaden who was enjoying the unseasonably warm weather!

Mom Linda with Elsa. Isn't that the cutest little bump she has?
That's all for now but stay tuned as I post more pictures tomorrow if my tired self will cooperate!


  1. OHHH Michelle! I had no idea you went to labor and delivery! Glad you are good. Such a cute blog and great pictures. I love it.

  2. Irish soda bread...yum!

    Also, got your lovely card and book in the mail. Thanks so much!



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