Thursday, March 24, 2011

Friends are Friends Forever

Hi everyone! What an eventful 48 hours it has been! On Thursday night and with Brian out of town for work I began having contractions that were five minutes apart then moved to three minutes apart for close to two hours. Thank goodness my sister Melissa was staying with me and helped me get to the hospital while Brian drove home in the wee hours to meet us there. And a special thank you to my friend Jennifer who dropped everything to stay with Kade and Teagan until we got home. It gave me such peace of mind to know they were in good hands!

Ultimately I was given a shot that made the contractions slow down and eventually go away. It made me super sick though. I've spent the last 24 hours in bed recovering! At 35 weeks we want this baby to stay put a little longer so I am grateful that our Labor and Delivery team knew just what to do to help me get to April 20th, our scheduled C-section date!

In the meantime, I have a quick post here of some of our friends that we've been enjoying the spring days with. Enjoy and more to come!

Starting off our pictures with a shot of Poppy and Nana Mo! On Tuesday, March 22nd they celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary! Way to go Jim & Maureen!! I still give them a hard time about how crazy they were to go on a first date after realizing they each had three children already! When my little brother Rob came along we had NINE people under one roof. It was always crazy and always fun, our own version of The Brady Bunch! Sláinte Jim & Mom, may you have many more anniversaries to come!

And now on to our lovely friends headed up by sweet Olivia!

Teagan gives buddy Roman a kiss!

Isn't he so cute? He is all boy and such an athlete already!
I love this one of Tea and Olivia
Jennifer and Teagan! She is the sweetest friend ever!
Landon's got some wheels! Oh gosh, I just flashed forward to our street in a few year's time when these kids will all be driving!
Teagan and Roman
Roman and Tea's cousin Kade
Our cul-de-sac is full of these motorized cars. The kids love it!

My sister caught this great shot of Landon and Madeline
Suzy and my twin, Melissa

Roman's big brother Miles, also a cutie!
Sweet Caleb! Remember when I said he was going to become a big brother to a little sister named Sophia this week? Well she turned out to be a Liam!! It's a wild story and you should see the two boys together. It's so precious!
Sweet Elsa
Another great shot of Caleb
We had so much fun on a playdate at Ashleigh and big brother Daniel's house! Isn't she so cute? She woke up from a nap minutes earlier and was in such great form!

Big brother Daniel was such a great host and Teagan keeps asking for him!
Hey there Kaden! Looking forward to our Thursday playdate this week!

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