Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Teagan is 22 Months Old!

Happy 22 Months my sweet baby girl! We had a great time in February and are ready to tackle March, one of our favorite months as it is Nana Mo's birthday and host to St. Patrick's Day, a most excellent holiday where we celebrate all things Irish!

I love this picture of you looking so happy playing the piano. Nana Mo got her start at three years old and from the looks of this you inherited her love of music!

Today you weigh 25 lbs
You wear a size 18 mo - 2T
You wear a size 7 shoe
You are in size 4 diapers

Your growth has slowed down a bit so there hasn't been much of a change since last month. That is just fine with me as I am thinking more and more that I simply want to capture you at this phase forever. I love you little mouse.

Can you believe this is what you looked like last St. Patrick's Day? I loved this cute outfit with its big puff of tutu that you wore to our downtown parade.

You were my little Zebra in the Sun as we got outside in March to welcome spring.

My goodness how much you've changed! You are busy all the time and such a delight even as we enter the phase where you have many...many new opinions on just how things should be! Your favorite thing to talk about now is how you are feeling. You often declare, "I so happy, Mommy!!" as you jump up and down. Or a sleepy, "I so tired." which doesn't necessarily guarantee you are ready for a nap. Another favorite is, "I like to dance!" Today you surprised us with a new one. I took your milk out of a bag you were pretending was a purse and you said, "I no yike it. Put it back!"

Look at you coming down the stairs! You look like such a big girl! This still scares me but you want to do it yourself with no help so we hover just a stair or two below ready to catch you if you stumble. You are always on the move and most often runnnnnnning to your next destination. You hold up a hand as if directing traffic and tell me, "Be bright back mommy. Hold on." Then from another room you say, "I coming!!!" Another new development is that you call us to you. Now on Saturday mornings we wake up to hear you say, "Mommy, Daddy come here!" And if that doesn't work you say, "Watch this!" which makes us wonder what in the world you could be up to and so we get up crossing our fingers that you haven't decided to get out of your crib again!

You still love books but now you want to read them to me or tell me what to read to myself as you sit next to me reading your own book. This week you handed me my book from my bedside table and said, "Mommy book. Read it." The process of settling in to read our books takes some time with you going back and forth, climbing up and down on chairs and beds to get into just the perfect position with the perfect books in hand for each of us. After all that work you decide, "I sit down." and so we begin....

This picture cracks me up because it is so me, so you! You hate having anything on your hands and get very upset saying, "Made a messsssssss." Recently a teacher at your church nursery took you out to their sandbox playground. She said you had a great time but it took you a while to warm up to having sand on your shoes. I know baby, mommy knows. We'll never be surfer girls.

You had a funny moment this month when I ran into some friends at a local restaurant. They hadn't met you and we've been working on introductions. You shook their hands and said, "Nice to meet you." You got such a reaction that it inspired you and before I could blink you'd run five tables down to a surprised group of moms and daughters to meet them too!

Little Teagan the days are flying and always full of some kind of fun. I can't believe in seven short weeks or less we will welcome your baby brother or sister. I cherish this time we have, just the three of us and hold you a little tighter, even on the days when I am just super pregnant mommy exhausted. I worry that maybe we are bringing a new baby into the mix too early and taking away your chance to be the baby too soon? I so hope we haven't messed up your world forever. My prayer is that you and Kade embrace this new little one and aside from normal sibling rivalry that you all grow up as close as my sisters and brother are to me.
I kiss you. Mommy

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  1. So nice! She'll do well with this baby, as will Kade. You and your three-minute-older twin never knew an "all my own" babyhood but you had experiences none your siblings did and you always had someone to play with.

  2. She's so adorable in her zebra outfit! She also has the prettiest eyes!
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  3. Michelle...you have to be one of the sweetest people I know! Teagan is so blessed to have you for her Mommy! I remember feeling the same way you do when Madeline was little and I was expecting Olivia. I couldn't imagine loving another creature as much as I adored my little girl. BUT, the Lord gives us more...more room in our hearts, more love in our little world. You are in my prayers, dear friend! :)

  4. Teagan is adorable!! Happy 22 months!


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