Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Sprinkle and a Few Good Wishes

Hello everyone! We had a great weekend here and are settling in to watch The Oscars. Don't you just love checking out the red carpet fashions and hearing amazing speeches on this night? But first I am making a quick post of more pictures from our February. Is anyone else in disbelief that we'll welcome March this week???

On a beautiful sunny day this month we had a Sprinkle for my friend Shanna who will welcome baby girl Sophia in just a few weeks! Kudos to Brenda and Molly who did an amazing job making it a pink-palooza kind of day and so much fun!

I became obsessed with taking pics of these cute (and ever so delicious) mini cupcakes!

Krissy and Melissa looking so pretty! Krissy doesn't even look preggers and you'd never guess Melissa is the mom of two under the age of five!
I finally got to meet Shanna's sweet sister Brenda who is on the left

Shanna and Molly-best sorority sisters forever!
A picture of our Thursday playdate group girls (minus our Linda as her sister was visiting from Sweden)
I had to capture this cute diaper wreath!
On February 15th we celebrated Brian's birthday with some of the neighbors from next door. The kids are so sweet and made these awesome cookies and sweet Valentine's for us!
Teagan loves her Madeline! For that matter, I love Madeline as she is my super duper Mom's helper/babysitter. She comes over to watch Teagan which allows me to get vacuming and such done around the house! In the words of DJ Lance from Yo Gabba Gabba: "It's awesssssssssssssssommmmmme!!"
If Lonnie and Brian look happy here it is because they had one of their BEST days out on the golf course ever!
Landon had a very special ball for the birthday boy!
Tea seems to be thinking, "Enough with the pics, bring on the cake!"
We also celebrated Kade's birthday on February 19th with a Buzz Lightyear theme. Here he is with mom Melissa!

Kade had his party at the coolest place with jumpy castles, video games and more! He came FLYING down this slide so fast I thought the baby and I were goners...the look on his face is priceless!
Tea got a boo-boo on her nose a few days before the party but that didn't slow her down one bit! She loved jumping and going down the toddler slides!
Emily is so great with Kade!
Rylee & DaddyIt was great catching up with Melissa's friend Jill & her daughter Abby!
More posts to come! Have a great start to the week where you are!

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  1. Love all the pictures. What pretty people!


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