Saturday, February 5, 2011

Time Out

Oh sweet friends. I dearly love my baby girl but we have officially hit The Terrible Twos...three months early. Today's new development was telling Daddy, "No Sir!" when he asked her to do something. Hmmm, I so wonder whereeeee she gets her headstrong attitude from?? It certainly couldn't be from her mom...unless you are talking to my mom, a.k.a Nana Mo. Then you'd get the real scoop.

On one recent and particularly exhausting day I marched us into Hobby Lobby and made THE purchase. A Time Out/Naughty Spot bench. Isn't it cute? I mean, as these sort of things go? Brian thought I was bonkers. After all, he pointed out, Super Nanny just uses good old fashioned stairs. But I rationalized that if I am going to have to endure tears and sit with her until she learns the drill then one of us might as well get a little enjoyment out of this. And so bring on the sparkly pink hour glass sand!

To commemorate this oh-so-special occasion, Brian and I put together a
You Know You've Hit The Terrible Two's When...List
  • Your sweet baby begins to proclaim in a not-so-little voice, "I NO YIKE IT!!!"
  • She says, "Mommy, watch this!" and you find she is jumping full force like a monkey on the bed though you've told her 1.5 million times not to do so.
  • You tell her not to touch something and she repeats it back to you saying, "No touch!"....just as she is reaching for said forbidden object.
  • She throwwwws herself on the floor in a fit of anger...all because you want to put her in her high chair.
  • And you really know you've hit The Terrible Twos when.... you ask her if she wants to go to Time Out??? And she replies..."Yes!!"
Seriously peeps, this was NOT the reaction I was looking for...she thinks sitting here is fun!
Just in case you haven't been privy to one of her tantrums, here's a little taste we had in Target this week.

But I can't end this post without saying that overall I feel so super blessed that she is a happy, sweet girl most of the time. And so far these outbursts are harmless and even comical, at times (read when we've all had a recent nap). We are just setting some boundaries with each other at the moment. I'll keep you posted. But in the meantime, what works or has worked for you in the midst of this new stage we are going into? I'd love to hear from other moms and dads!!!

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  1. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Deja vu. Just kidding.

  2. Well at least she said "Sir" when she said "No" :-) Good luck, we hit them early as well and I am living them again with the little one I keep and she is only 15 months! We did have luck with time out but used a timer that dinged so he could hear it. He would scream the entire time until the timer when off and then he would stop...go figure! at least he stayed there for the during of the time, and I invested in sound blocking ear phones!

  3. I know the twos seem terrible... but the threes for me have been much worse! But hey, it is all temporary and then they are another year older. Time outs are good though. You might like reading "Magic 1-2-3 Discipline."

  4. Hi! stopping by from MBC. Great blog.
    Have a nice day!

  5. Thanks for all the awesome comments! Stacy, brilliant idea with using the timer. I too have seen some amazing crocodile tears this week that magically clear when she gets what she is looking for!

    And Jen, oh boy! Not looking forward to the threes at all then! But Gavin is so precious and sweet that it is just hard to imagine him being unhappy ever! Will definitely check out your book recommendation.

    Veronia Lee, thanks so much for stopping by! You are always welcome and I so appreciate the encouragement!


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