Friday, February 11, 2011

One Good Thing

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you are off to a most fabulous weekend. Today I am linking in to one of my very favorite blogs, Kelly's Korner. Kelly is a sweet southern mom to adorable Harper with another little girl, to be named Hollis, on the way. They are the cutest family and I can't get enough of hearing about their adventures. On Fridays Kelly has her followers link in their own blogs for her Show Us Your Life series. Today's topic: Beauty Secrets.

And I've been thinking about this very topic and so had to post away despite the late hour. You see, PT (that's pre-Teagan), my fashion style and beauty regimen were what you might call...intensive. I simply never traveled anywhere in a pair of shoes that didn't leave me hobbling home by night's end, had a purse to match just about every ensemble and a collection of beauty products that would rival any Hollywood fashionista.

Once I was working in Zurich and was determined that I too could be like the Swiss girls and wear a gorgeous pair of high heeled heaven to the office. Never mind the cobblestones. And heavy laptop. And the fact that I am hardly what one might deem...coordinated. I slipped my new shoes on proudly, walked out of my hotel, to the train station across the street, caught my ride...and I was done. Thank goodness people there shop at all hours just like us. At the first stop I became the proud owner of a $200 pair of ugly flats out of sheer desperation to make it through lunchtime.

These days are oh so different. It would take a very strong person indeed to get me out of my comfy Sketchers and runners. Sad, I know. But completely necessary when chasing a 21 month old who has learned how to free herself from her stroller.

But even today I still have a teensy tinsy addiction to crèmes. Crèmes to me are magic, (especially if you spell them ala the French). They hold all the best intentioned promises to soften, smooth, ease, and erase. When Bath and Body Works came on the scene my dermatologist told me to lay off the products as I was giving myself a good case of eczema...but I smelled great. And when my niece came to visit she emerged from my guest bath after seeing my overflowed stash of goods to exclaim, "Auntie, you SURE do like creams!!" Her very own mom, my sister, managed to travel the globe for roughly three years with a backpack holding her few possessions. I don't think I'd make it to our mailbox if I had to lug all my beauty products.

Anyway, anyway, anyway. I had a big purge last year. But in the past few weeks I have been ready to take the final step in making my life easier by just going with a few basics, as in basic creams, basic makeup, basic jewelry. What has me re-thinking my approach to beauty is Teagan's little hands which somehow manage to open every set of childproofing locks we put on our cabinets and drawers. Not only does she try to eat my "yistick" as she did today...and it was the most gorgeous brand new pink for spring, sniff! But she also has the most interesting habit of helping my purge my stuff by deeming it "tash"and throwing them in the bin when I turn my head for one millisecond. And of top of that I only have roughly 12.5 minutes to dress, do my makeup and hair...can any other moms relate? So I figure if I do the purging at least I could get a handful of my best items out of the drawers and out of reach from little hands.

Now I am thinking, what is that ONE thing I can't live without? And I have to say, hands down it is Lancome's Absolue Premium, a replenishing creme like none other. I promise I am not on the payroll. It's expensive. Way expensive as moisturizers go. But I tell Brian it is preventing wrinkles and therefore much cheaper than plastic surgery...not that I would ever be brave enough for needles and Botox and such. Don't tell him now but he's just going to have to settle for my aging the good old fashioned way. What a concept, right? I am lucky in that he expects nothing less! Makes for a bright looking future of growing old - together!

So here I am, saying my goodbyes to Dermalogica's Soothing Protection Spray, a must for any girl traveling on drying international flights, to Clinique's Clairifying Lotion and Exfoliator, and even to my faved Starlette Illuminating Intense Sparkle Powder. I know, I know. It's time.

But that brings me to my question for you today: What is the One Good Thing you just can do without in your beauty routine?

Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. Thats the Michelle I know! You know I am with you, my dear. Now my (minimalist compared to the old days) regime consists of dove bar soap, alba organic coq10 cream and smiths rosebud salve.

  2. hopping from Kellys and I just wanted to tell you I have a Tegan too! My Tegan is the proud new father! I had four children and I wish I had named all four of them something unique like Tegan. Have a great weekend!

  3. If I were stranded alone on an island for a few weeks (with my IPhone, of course), my one beauty product of choice would be Pond's cleansing cream. That marks me as old enough to be your mother--which I am-- but I have soft skin. Of course, my second choice would be Absolue by Lancome. Oh, and L'Oreal lipstick and oh yeah, Sonia Kashuk eye products. Which leads to believe I am (1) vain and (b) soothe myself with these things and don't use them necessarily to please others Shhhhhhhhh. Our secret.

  4. Hi everyone and thanks for the awesome comments! Robin, I so miss you and love hearing from you here! The rosebud salve just sounds divine! Must look for it!

    Diana, welcome! I love your profile pic! Congrats to Tegan on his new little one. I love Tegan as a boy's name too! In Ireland the name originated with the boy's name Tadgh (pronounced "Teeg")

    Nana, you have fewer wrinkles than I do! And I totally credit you for turning me onto Absolue!!You are too funny and I love you so!


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