Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Some may call Valentine's Day a big pink and red nightmare (I remember this well). But these days I love it for its pretty pinks and reds, parties, decorations and reasons to gush over those we love. We've had a great time here making cookies, having a toddler Valentine's party with our Thursday play date friends and making crafts for Brian in my mom's bible study class! Duped again by The Martha Stewart show! She gets me every time. I think, "I can do thattttttttt." Now I ask you blog friends, just what IS the secret to getting sugar cookies to hold their cute cookie cutter shape? If you know, for the love of all mom's having to take treats somewhere, please post a comment at the end of this post. These were supposed to be heart shaped cookies and St. Patty's is coming up so I need to be in the know...
Poppy and Nana Mo sent Teagan and Kade the cutest Valentine's package. I used some of the decorations on our front windows and door. Can you see them?
Melissa made these ever so fun Valentine pops for our toddler play date party. They were a huge hit with the kids. I think Teagan had three!
Linda made these gorgeous treats that tasted like banana bread and were simply divine! PLUS they are great for lactation and you know what that means! I'll be getting the recipe and eating these often during pregnancy and beyond!
Krissy is so cute and made these face masks. Teagan got the pink panda and had great fun eating dinner with it last night. Poor panda was made to eat strawberries!
Look at this for a goodie bag display of treats for the kids!
Teagan saw cousin Kade after and shared some of her goodies with him. They had a blast opening everything and sampling the goods!
Isn't this a cute picture of Jackson?
Caleb! Sweet Valentine!
I just love little Elsa! She always has the sweetest smile and the cutest outfits too!
Kaden shows off his Valentine's craft!
Shanna and Caleb work on the craft together.
A snack for inspiration.
Teagan ultimately decided to decorate Mommy's tummy with her stickers!
Great picture of Melissa and Grayson cuddling
More Valentine's Treats from Krissy!
Linda and her sweet sister Maria who was visiting from Sweden! We all loved her and want her to move to the US!
These group shots are always funny as we try to get squirmy-wormy toddlers to sit still and look at the camera.
Skype session with Nana Mo after the party...never mind sharing with Kade, she wanted to eat the entire bowl of M&M's that came in the package from her grandparents!

Sweets, if you are reading you need to stop here until after Valentine's Day!

On Tuesday we had a ton of fun in my Mom's bible study class making valentine's for our husbands. We had a wonderful rep from Stampin Up show us how to make a Valentine's Card and a cute box with wrapped candies. It was so much fun and I could see how it could get addicting. It reminded me of my happy days living below my friend Carrie just before I moved to study in Japan. I planted huge sunflowers outside my window and we would happily stamp away with the spring air floating in listening to Carey by Joni Mitchell. "Oh, the Wind is in from Africa, last night I couldn't sleep...." Missing you Carrie!

So here's what I made...I was the very.last.person to finish. Out of roughly 30 moms. Yes. Not a crafty if I can do this, anyone can! I think it turned out really perfect! Inside the card it says," Today is God's gift to you...Each day you are God's gift to me! Happy Valentine's Day"

Brian's birthday is the day AFTER Valentine's so I am always at a double loss as to what to get him on both days especially as he reminds me often he doesn't NEED or WANT anything...except some time to play golf. So today's question for you friends is: What are you getting or doing for your husbands for Valentine's Day?

I hope you have many reasons to celebrate love this season!

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  1. I love the way you celebrate life!

  2. Great way of celebration, nice cookies and decoration. Kids seems loved it a lot.


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