Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

Did you have an amazing Super Bowl Sunday? It was gorgeous here and we had a great time checking out the game at Kevin and Krissy's house. We also had a bit of excitement when we got home just before the 4th quarter ended because there was a very distinctive smoky smell throughout our downstairs.

Brian checked out everything electrical, including Teagan's toys, for a short. He even went up into our attic and down below to the crawl space to find the source but with no luck. After a rather "spirited" discussion from a very pregnant wife he finally gave in and called the fire department. He asked if perhaps just ONE fella could come out to check?? And could we skip the fire truck part? Just a quick check, so as not to disturb a whole crew of guys who were surely busy with a true emergency or at a minimum watching the end of a very close game?....

Seven firemen, one fire truck and a fire marshal later...we discovered that it was mostly likely due to some Super Bowl partiers having a bonfire somewhere near the back of our property. Oops. I mean seriously. That's just embarrassing. My poor husband. But I have to say the firemen were so incredibly nice and wonderful, especially with Teagan! And yes Brianne, they were all devishly handsome which means you need to spend more time in our neck o' the woods! I actually recognized two of them from our first emergency room trip when Tea fell down the stairs over the summer and cut her head. Yep, that resulted in our first fire truck visit and one my husband later deemed not entirely necessary. Our neighbors must think we are crazy with a capital K, as in KaRzy!! That's a Nana Mo saying, ya'll!

Update: Brian has now banned me from calling on emergency personnel for at least a year. Hmpf!

Back to our Super Bowl Sunday celebration:
When I see a picture like this it gives me a sneaky suspicion that my days of dressing her in pink-a-licious outfits and oh-so-cute bows are numbered!
Talking to her new BFF, Nana Mo before the big game!
Ok, I know I said there will be no more pregger pics of me but it is rare that my husband will let me get a photo of the two of us!
Super Bowl Sunday makes for one happy Brian!
Dave and Kevin got the memo to wear red! Hmmm...now where is my Cowboy's jersey????
Da Boys kept busy checking out Kevin and Krissy's new shuffle board table.
A trio of second-time-mamas-to-be! We are so close to the finish line now!
Caleb shows Dad how it's done! He (yes, Caleb) is actually a much better player than I am. Sigh.
Love this picture of Caleb! Isn't he going to be a heartbreaker? He's always so patient when I wanna get a snap of him!
My baby! She had an awesome time! Thanks for having us K&K!
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