Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fabulous February & Giveaway Prize Winner

Congrats to my sweet friend Robin who is the winner of the Unshaken book giveaway! Robin and I are Knottie Sisters Forever who met way back when we were planning our weddings. She is wonderfully talented and beautiful with a sweet husband and toddler boy of her own! Robin, your book is on its way with big hugs from me!

I am also trying to get in touch with Brittany McNamara who won our personalized recipe card giveaway. Brittany, you will love these so shoot me your snail mail and email address to to claim your prize!

It was a fun and gorgeous day here where I wrapped up the week with a day of pampering from my very sweet, very thoughtful husband. I have to take a moment to say this isn't just because I am a slow moving pregnant mommy right now. He's always making me feel special in some way. I am still amazed by how lucky I am eleven years into our relationship. I love you Brian!

Today started with getting Teagan off to a mom's day out program. Then I got to hear the baby's heartbeat at my 31 week appointment! The latest gender prediction is: A GIRL!!! But it is right on the edge which just goes to show this is a true Kelly baby that is going to keep me guessing. Later I went for a lunch where I got to relax and not cut up anyone's food or try to figure out how to change a diaper in a restroom with no changing table. It's the little things that just make my day. I wrapped up with a prenatal massage, manicure and pedicure. Then I picked Teagan up and we had a great time catching the last bit of rays outside while playing with her buddy Roman who is just a few weeks older than Tea. He loves to visit his Gigi Suzy and Grandad Barry who live a few doors down. Tea was absolutely exhausted after the long day and so was I. We both headed to bed early leaving Dad to watch the recap of today's golf in peace.

But here I am, wide awake at 2:30 in the morning. The baby "wanted" Life cereal. Whatever will I do in a few months when I can't blame my cravings on this little one growing inside me? At any rate, I am typing on our new Dell Inspiron 17R and love it! It's been years since we bought a new computer and I love all the cool features. I am especially excited about the webcam and being able to Skype with family across the globe! Plus I got a great deal on Photoshop Elements. Hang with me through fuzzy shots and red eye a few more days until I get that loaded and sussed out!

In the meantime I am so behind in posting pictures from all our fun February events that I will break it into a few days to get caught up. This post features some of our playdates with friends!

Waiting for storybook time at the library. Teagan loves wooden puzzles right now. Isn't Jackson so adorable? I love this picture! I think Tea is thinking about stealing a kiss here... Valentine's Day: Delivering sweet messages to the kids on our street via her Smart Bike! Liam shared his wagon with her on this unsually warm day! Getting a push from Lily Sweet Caleb. You and Jackson are gonna break some hearts! Yep. The girls don't stand a chance!Don't you want to just scoop little Elsa up?
Oh cutie Grayson. Who could resist your smile? Teagan loved Roman's motorized bike tonight! Is it me or do they look like they could be related? Roman and his Gigi say goodnight. He's visiting all weekend so we'll play again tomorrow! Kade and Melissa are spending the night so it will be a super great day!

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