Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweets!

Today's post is dedicated to my husband, Brian (a.k.a. Swwweeeeeeeetttts!!). Happy February 15th Brian! This marks our eleventh year celebrating your birthday together!

People ask us how a lad from Ireland and a Texan ever came together. I have my very romantic version of the story and of course, you have your own funny side! The long and short of it is that we both relocated to Colorado for our jobs within a month of each other. When I arrived I knew very few people and was the only female in our office until a beautiful girl from Ireland moved out via Boston. Anne-Marie, who incidentally also has a birthday today (Happy Birthday AM if you are reading!!) and I became fast friends and shared a loft apartment together. We credit her as our match-maker and the rest is a happy history!

I feel so blessed to be your wife, Brian. There is so much I admire and love about you including your persistent optimism, sense of humor, and your ability to do well at just about anything you put your mind to. I love the way you adore a good old fashioned debate and will take the opposite side simply for pleasure and to keep the conversation running, along with your analytical side which has taught me ever so much to see the world in a completely different way. I marvel at your ability to remember obscure facts and numbers. If we ever do get caught on Cash Cab we'll be certain to risk it all on a video bonus! And I doubt anyone could question your love of soccer, rugby and especially golf. You have such an intense passion for that game and it makes me very proud of your dedication, yes, even on a busy weekend!

But most of all I love the way you make those around you feel loved. You are intensely loyal and forgiving even when I do something really stupid. Your greatest joy is in being a dad and I see evidence of this in each and every day. Thank you for making me a better person.

And now for a trip down memory lane with some of my favorite pictures (at least from the few that escaped our recent hard drive crash!):

I love this picture of you and your big sister Joyce!

You and little sis, Ita! Loving the wellies!
You, Joyce, Keith and Ita. In this picture you look so much like my own sister Melissa looked at that age! How wild is that?
One of our first New Year's together.

In New Zealand and Australia for our fourth anniversary (of dating). You've always been a huge All Blacks rugby fan and it was so cool to be there during the World Cup! I thought for SURE you would propose there...but no, you had me wait one more month! In the end you knew I would want my family to be there for the big moment and waited for our trip home for Christmas!

Then we were engaged for 1.5 years before actually walking down the aisle. Though this conservative approach to tying the knot drove me to distraction at the time it was well worth the wait! I married my best friend.
At April's wedding. I was a bridesmaid one month before our wedding. She returned the favor in May!

You, your Dad and one of your closest buddies from home, Gere. Exploring the mountains in Colorado.

I love this picture of you at your brother's wedding in Cork, Ireland. That was a magical day and you look dashing!

I had to end this post with a golf shot. This has to be your absolute favorite pastime and possibly where you are happiest? I love you to bits Brian and hope this year of going from a three person family to four is one of our best!!

- Mouse.


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  1. This is so sweet. Brian is and has been a wonderful son to us from Day One. We love and admire him, too. He makes us laugh and his big ol' bear hugs are so warming and welcoming. Our Tucson kids love Uncle Brian and enjoy every moment of play, though too few and far between. We are excited to see him (and you and Teags) when New Baby appears. Thanks for bringing Brian and his family to all of us!


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