Thursday, March 17, 2011

Practicing Patience

Hello friends! I've been thinking a lot about patience this week. And wow! I am always amazed at God's perfect timing. It seems he gives me inspiration when and where my heart needs it most. I told you a few months ago that my mom's bible study is reading a wonderful book by Warren W. Wiersbe called Be Mature which focuses on the book of James. This week's chapter? You got it, on patience.

Have you ever had one of those weeks where life just doesn't trip along as easily as say, mere days before? I started the week off with news that despite my deepest wishes I didn't win one of the scholarships to the She Speaks conference. And that's ok. Except it made me sad. There were some incredibly inspiring entries and I know that God is sending just the perfect persons to this event this year. But it's hard when the answer is "no" "or "not right now" isn't it?

And at the beginning of the week I felt so completely depleted of energy. I am trying to practice patience with my body as the last five weeks of pregnancy settled in making it very clear that no matter what to do lists I have going on in my head at four in the morning, I am not the boss!

And then there is the need for patience as my increasingly independent toddler challenges me on just about anything and everything by insisting she can, "Do it self!!!" Now listen, I know as well as anyone how wonderful and magical it is to have this little monkey full of confidence and being able to do all these things for herself. All I am sayin' is it is tough when you are late for a doctor's appointment and she wants to try out every seat in the car except her own!

The latest development came when Brian and I needed patience last night as we realized that replacing our air conditioning is going to cost. A lot. Practically double what our naive and never-have-purchased-one-of these systems thought!

Now before you think I am on a tirade about how hard my life is, that's not it. I never want to use my blog to complain about all the blessings in my life. I think of the people in Japan today and of the anxiety and loss they are experiencing. And I remember our little Pascaline, a girl we sponsor through Compassion International. She lives in Rwanda and I will be introducing you to her in April. She is eight years old and joyfully welcomes the gift of a humble pair of, my life is not full of problems. But it does require patience and some days are simply going to be easier than others.

As Christians there will be many trials put before us, trials much more challenging and difficult than any I described above. James 5: 7-12 tells us we are to be as patient as farmers, waiting for their crops to grow and yield fruit. He assures us that God is our hope and our guide during these trials and that they can actually bring us closer to Him, making us more like Christ in the process. And I can see so clearly when I look back on difficult periods in my life where I felt brought to my knees by despair, by frustration, by fear -that God was there. He's always been there waiting for me to turn my eyes to him. Has that ever happened to any of you? I'd love to hear more so leave a comment!!

And for those who are missing my posts of toddler madness and fun playgroups, never fear! We are gearing up for a Paddy's Day post today that is sure to be fun so stay tuned!!

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  1. Thank you for your blog Michelle! You always speak right to my heart. I just finally pulled myself out of bed after an hour or so of prayer time where my main topic with God was how do I learn to be more patient? With my amazing toddler, with my body, and with our new life that we are so excited to start on Tuesday with our newborn; I need to be more patient. Life is not on my schedule as much as I try to make it that way!

  2. Doesnt if feel better to let all of that out? I'm proud of you, and patience is a learned practice,and I need to keep practicing. I love you sweet friend! Can't wait to see pictures from the party today. Happy St. Patricks Day!!


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