Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Irresistible and The Two Week Wait!

A cleptomaniac is a person who has irresistible urges to take things...could it be that my two year old is showing early signs of dysfunction?? Or is she simply unaware that not everything she sees belongs to her? Here's a collection of her stash from recent playdates. Apologies to Caleb, Kaden, Grayson and Lauren's parents...these items will be coming back to you. I am not sure how she manages to make it home with these things before I notice!

In other scoop, I had my 37 week appointment today! The baby's heartbeat was back up to 148 and my trusty online predictor's a GIRL!! I mean seriously, with all the flip flops back and forth I am so anxious to know for sure and meet this little one. Soon we will! If all goes according to plan we'll deliver exactly two weeks from today!!

Hope all are having a great week where you are! I am excited about sharing a post with you this week about our sponsored child through Compassion International so stay tuned!


  1. So happy to see another post from you!! Tea is hilarious, and 2 weeks!! Its crazy. I can't wait to see Baby Kelly!

  2. I was admiring her bracelet. I didn't know it was "hot." This so reminded me of your soliciting pennies at age four at your nursery school to contribute to the family budget when I had told you that you couldn't get every toy you saw because I couldn't afford it. And the teachers had evidently funded your endeavors because you proudly presented me with ten pennies. I told a friend, "I'm really gonna have to watch this one!" But even then, you were kind and generous.


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