Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Fun!

Hi everyone! I am SOOO excited because it is a BIG day here! Not only are we getting the new air conditioning and heating system installed today and tomorrow...this can only be big news to those of us living in the south where we have already creeped up toward 90 degrees in April...but the BIG scoop is our Nana Mo is coming today!! Yep, all the way from Texas followed closely by Poppy who will be here on Tuesday. We just can't wait and have lots to celebrate in the upcoming days including Kade's super special school picnic, Teagan's birthday party, the baby's birth and Easter! Let the festivities begin!

In the meantime it seems that as I take one or two things off my to-do list more "musts" get added in! It's a busy time to be sure but I wanted to post a few cute pictures of fun we are having with friends and family this spring! We had an awesome Easter play date at Krissy's too but I am going to post that later this week as there were so many fun pictures.

Why-oh-why are all my pictures fuzzy? They are fine on my computer but posting strangely here...must investigate this in all my "spare" moments this week! In the meantime, I love this picture of me with Olivia. I was so honored to be invited by her to Granfriends day at her school! She wrote the sweetest and funniest letter to me which I posted on our refrigerator.

I got to take a tour of Landon's classroom. We had just finished seeing him and Olivia perform a special program in the sanctuary. I love this school. Seriously. It has SO much to offer, teaches wonderful values where the classmates seem to really support and honour each other. And best of all it teaches Christianity without the hindrances placed on our public schools...I was way impressed. Brian and I would love to send Teagan here.

The sweet C family minus Madeline. I just love having them as neighbors and new friends!

Kade had his very first soccer game! He needed a little pep talk from Uncle Brian before we could get him on the field but he did so well and had fun!

It was so cute watching these four year olds play! I was amazed at some of the goals made and with the coach who could rally them all into a team!

On Saturday we surprised Krissy with a baby shower! She's so sweet and I enjoyed meeting some more of her friends!

Lovely Shanna and Linda!

More from us soon! I hope you have something to celebrate today!

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  1. I can't believe all of your upcoming adventures! It is most def the most exciting week of the year, thats for sure. I think that is so adorable that you went to Olivia's and Landon's school. How sweet are they!!! I'm very happy they are your neighbors too.


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