Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy July!

Hello all! I know you simply won't believe this but we STILL have little ones with fevers in our house. Sigh. I so thought we were on the mend when we ventured out to our neighborhood parade and local library. At least we had a great time out of the house for a bit and got some super cute pics. 

I just know we are on our way to some easier, happier days. We so appreciate your prayers for healing of our little family in the meantime. Hope you are all off to a great weekend!

Isla, 14 months & big sister Teagan, 3 years

Shanna & Baby, Dave, Liam and Caleb

Caleb shows off his first car to buddies Grayson, Jackson and little brother, Liam. This picture cracks me up! Oh mon dieu. They will be driving in no time. 

Natasha and Lera having so much fun!

Beautiful Mamas! I LOVE Krissy's dress!

Big love for this sweet family! Natasha, Lera and Daddy Scott!

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