Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Messy Martha Days

I love to entertain. At least, I love the idea of entertaining. I often volunteer to entertain...but if I'm honest? Many times the outcomes have...well, let's just call them less-than-Martha-esque-results! 

Take this morning. We had an impromptu breakfast brunch at my house for a few moms, our three toddlers and three one year olds. When it was time to prepare for our guests I relished in setting out brightly colored decorations on the table. The pattern included  brilliant blue, fuchsia pink, and sunflower yellow flowers dotted with a touch of silver with just enough trend in them to suggest some hipster mama pulled this look together. 

And most of all, I loved arranging the brilliant tone-on-tone flowers within a square glass vase on the table, adding a touch of turquoise colored tulle as an accent. This is the part that comes easy to me and I suggest to my husband, the reason I keep signing up for these crazy days!

Public domain photo

But when it comes to actually feeding people?  I am not so inclined, friends! I suppose I get tangled up in the logistics? I either make something too early so it is served a clammy cold, burn it beyond redemption, or underestimate how much is needed to feed a score of hungry tiny beings. In short, 

OK, so no one will ever suggest I am made for The Food Network. But this morning, I thought I had finally figured this entertaining business out. All was going superbly! My table was decorated, the house reasonably clean, children fed ...and a nary a tear made its way through our downstairs all morning. I sung happily thinking, "Oh yeahhhh. I've so got this!!"

Then life happened. 
My disobedient child. 
A moment that passed innocently enough.
One of two beautifully prepared quiches ready for the oven...crashing into the sink. 
Oh my messy Martha days... 

Public domain photo

In that moment I had to make a choice. What reaction would follow? What would it teach my child? And what would it say to my heart as I lay my head down at the end of the day? 

I love this message captured from Lysa TerKeurst's new book Unglued: Making Wise Choices. It says when something like...well, life, happens we have a choice:

I have to choose patience. 
Or gentleness. 
Or grace. 
It is a choice. 

Isn't that beautiful? And doesn't it remind you of the grace Christ gives to us, His children, on a daily basis? 

I wish I could say I made the choice to be gentle, to show grace and patience all the time. Especially when it concerns matters so close to my heart as my family. But I can't say that. Today? Today I remembered that my disobedient child is just like her mom. I too ignore God's requests to, "Stop!" or "Move away from the fire." And so, I took a deep breath. Cleaned up the mess and adjusted. We had a great time at our party! Cold quiche and all, friends!

Tell me, how do you respond when someone gets "All up in your happy?" When you feel like coming unglued what tools and techniques do you have for keeping your cool, holding your tongue and showing those around you Christ-inspired grace? 

And for heaven's sake, if you have an easy-peasy recipe for entertaining do send it along to this needy mom who will thank you with all of her southern heart!

Blessings, Michelle


  1. I'd love to hear about your messy Martha days!

  2. Oh, Michelle! That's a yikes moment! My sister had a huge one. One time after being married only a short while, my sister had all her in-laws (big family and big eaters) over for Thanksgiving. She baked a country ham. She took it out of the oven to cool while she got dressed. When she went back to the kitchen, the ham was gone! The Great Dane had eaten it...ALL of it! The dog spent the night drinking out of the toilet to quench its thirst!

    Thanks so much for dropping by my site. You'll have to let me know more about Tuesday link-ups. And thanks for the invite. Blessings to you!:D


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