Friday, July 13, 2012

The Promise

Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.
Genesis 9:16

The South finally received some needed relief from the oppressing humidity and heat wave that had our country moving cautiously about. Teagan and I made our way to a doctor's appointment today. On the way, we talked about what a blessing the rain was because it was God's way of providing for people, birds, grass, and even my toddler girl's favorite snakes (insert a sigh and shake of the head here). All are blessed by this rain with water and means of nourishment. 

As we drove the sky became darker. Ominous, even. Now friends, you should know I am a nervous former Texan. When I see crazy skies my heart beats a bit fast ... and with good reason as I grew up in Tornado Alley! My Irish husband gives me no end of grief, in the form of good natured ribbing, when I pile pillows and blankets galore into our food pantry, TV blaring the latest updates from Weather Center One! keep us calm I told Teagan, "This is the kind of storm that God allows to bring us something beautiful. So keep your eyes open, toward the sky and you just might see it!" 

As I said these words to her, my thoughts quickly flashed through my previous blog posts. Those entries captured my tender feelings. My vulnerability. My grief. 

And they captured my hope. 

Visions paraded through my mind of Noah, his ark, and his family with their eyes turned up to see the symbol of God's promise never again to destroy His earth or its people.  

In that moment I realized that I, along with my precious family here and around the country, am in the midst of a storm. And not just any storm, but the kind of storm God uses to bring something beautiful to life.  

And just like that my spirit became quiet. I became calm. My heart sang to my sweet Jesus. My Savior. My King: "I praise you in this storm."

We did see a rainbow that day and it was just as exciting for me as it was for Teagan! When you see a rainbow you will take a moment to remember God's unending love for you? Will you take a moment to remember His promise to never destroy us? And you will look for the sun to follow? For with the sun it brings a new day full of hope that surpasses our expectation or understanding. 

I hope you are having a wonderful and blessed weekend. We are off early tomorrow for a fun day at the zoo. I can tell you there are some verrrrrrrry excited persons in our house tonight. And that we will probably be forced to visit the reptile house. *Sigh.*

God Bless!


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