Tuesday, July 24, 2012

She Roars!!! & Destination: Inspiration Linky Party #16

I am back from my She Speaks 2012 Speakers and Writers Conference that was hosted by Proverbs 31 Ministries. One of the participants commented that She Speaks left her...speechless. Wow. Can I ever identify with  this summary of our short time together!

Me with "Mama Lu" - Luann Prater of Encouragement Cafe

Imagine a  building overtaken by 700 enthusiastic and energized women with a heart for God! Women who have a passion for growing His kingdom. Women who like to use the power of their physical and mental voice to praise and glorify Him!

Friendships were quickly fostered.

Formed in buffet lines.
The hallways.
Our onsite prayer room.
...the bathroom even introduced sisters in Christ on more than one occasion

Yes, God's presence was evident. His blessings, prevalent. We marveled over how time and again He placed each of us just where we needed to be: in the appropriate class, meeting with publishers, hearing a speech that seemed meant for our specific heart. God worked within those walls miracles that we will continue to see unfold in the coming months. 

I.heart. Kelly Wommack! We had dinner together the first night and I so look forward to seeing what awesome adventures God has in store for this amazing woman!

Dawn, Nicole, Britta, Nicole and Lara super charged my experience. I will never forget these lovely women and know they will have a huge impact on my ministry! 

I also met Susan the first night and love her to bits! Hopefully she'll be up for a guest post and share her ministry with us. 

Suzanne is a super sweet soul and I so look forward to doing life with her too!

Suzanne embodies what I mean about God introducing you to just the right peeps when you need it! She is a freelance business marketing writer and fiction author. She graciously offered to help craft my vision, hook and strategy! Oh.my.Jesus. This was such a surprise! God is so good and He knows my jumbled tired-mama mind needed help in this area. I am so grateful and excited!!

Just some of the girls representinnn' Georgia: Kelli, Amy and Sharita

Girls after my own heart: Laurie, Demitra, Doris and Danielle!

Amy has been my friend for years and so it was super special to be in some of the same classes together! She is forever inspiring me!

Elizabeth, Lara, Dawn, Nicole....my heart! But we are missing a few. Not sure why we didn't get one pic with all of us!

Mary Beth, Lara and self in 'da house!

Keep an eye open for Rivera! This sweet sister is sure to be the next big author in Christian writing!!

I am excited to see where this take us over the next few months.  Forget speaking, I am ready to ROAR! I have plans my friends, including the creation of a ministry web page, guest bloggers, magazine submissions, oh-so-fun giveaways, writer's critique groups, sharing my testimony (gulp) with a local moms group. Taking a deep breath, I know I must acknowledge these are just my plans. The next few days, weeks and months I will be in constant prayer asking God to reveal His will and timing for me and my family. So do look for some super exciting things coming up!

In the meantime, who is ready for today's Destination: Inspiration Tuesday? After some soul searching in the past few weeks I'm moving more away from crafting in an effort to focus on posts where you've written or created something inspiring. Now, if you are a crafting mama please don't hate me. I love you to bits and marvel at all you do. I'll be keeping tabs on you guys to be sure and still posting a few creations of my own as life permits. But this ...these words of inspiration, writing, sharing...that is where my heart is at this time so I am going to listen to what I believe is God's prompting. We can't wait to see so please share! 

Passport to an Awesome 
Destination: Inspiration Party!!!

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  1. WooHoo Sweetie! So nice to see your face. Love the pic of us. Could you email it to me? I am so excited to see that we connected with some of the same people over the weekend. I don't think that is an accident, do you? I am following with pleasure!

    1. Hi Susan! Emailing that pic to you! Can't wait to see what God is doing with our lives from here. So glad you are here and hope you'll submit to the linky party each week too!

  2. I am so amazed with all that God has done through She Speaks 2012!! It was a pleasure to bump into and meet you! What an inspiration to a bunch of us, you are! Thank you for all your words of encouragement and I pray that you hear, feel, and go ... just where God leads!

    1. I so loved how God put us together because I so wanted to meet you! I am so glad we are going to be able to stay in touch and support each other's ministries! Hugs!

  3. Michelle,
    Loved meeting you! Yikes at the TWO pics you have of me. note to self... never allow pictures at seated level! ha. You are amazing and gifted and one of the kindest people I have ever met. Can't wait to see what God has for you!

  4. *LOL* Girl, I know what you mean but I think you look wonderful! I am so excited that we met and LOVE your website and ministry! So inspiring and I hope you will contribute here. I know this is going to be an amazing year for both of us and I am so excited!

  5. Michelle - Coming by from richfaithrising. Can't believe I have not been a follower before now! Thanks for sharing your blog w/ me and the incredible She Speaks conference. It looks amazing! Blessings abounding. Your newest follower, Jen


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