Friday, July 6, 2012

She Speaks

She Speaks
I love this

She Speaks
....evoking images of empowerment
A message
A woman, determined

She Speaks Graduate

In just a few days I will attend my first ever writing conference. She Speaks 2012. I think for all of the 650 women attending from around the world it is sure to be a blessed time. One we will surely not want to see come to an end. I can't wait for new friendships found, to meet the writers and speakers of tomorrow, an inspiration that will carry me through the weeks and months to follow!

For me? 
It's a declaration
I am putting myself "out" there as God's daughter
Ready to grow His kingdom
On His mission
Whatever that may be 
Full of passion
And hope

In my mother's honor. She so wanted this for me. 

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  1. Hi Michelle,
    I am so glad you left your link on my FB page. I LOVE your blog and the encouragement/inspirational focus you have. How awesome that you are going to She Speaks this month!!! I SO would have liked to go, but it just wasn't God's timing this year. I can't wait to read all about it! Blessings ♥


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