Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Teagan is Three Months Old!

It's crazy how fast these three months with Teagan came and went in a fatigue induced blink of the eye! She has grown so much. At her two month checkup she weighed 10 lb 2 oz! Our chunky monkey also experienced many "firsts" which included a tentative smile that quickly became bold and gorgeous - I know. I am partial but seriously I can't think of any other way to describe it! That smile just melts my heart everytime. She also found her voice, laughed out loud, rolled over, participated in her first July 4th parade and and more.

We love getting to know her sweet, funny little self! She is thankfully an easy baby. Someone please remind me of this when she gets into the Terrible T's - that's Two's, Three's and Teens from what other moms have told me. For now the swing's The Thing. She flirts with it, giggles, coos, stares at its flashing lights in awe...and even lets the rocking motion and lullabies put her to sleep...on occasion that is and with less frequency. We can already tell this little girl will follow cousin Kade as a mover and shaker. She has absolutely no intention of sitting still while there is so much to explore! Her neck is strong because she is constantly craning to see what is going on around her. We can't wait to see where she's off to once she figures out how to crawl. Now there is a scary thought. Suddenly I need caffeine. So bring on the coffee and stay tuned for more!!!

Our neighborhood had its annual July 4th parade for the kids with fire trucks and an ambulance. The kids wound their way through the hood to the pool where they had popsicles and swimming. That night we had a huge BBQ and fireworks in our cul de sac. Kade loved it and led the way for our family!

Kade was amazed by the fire trucks and ambulance!

That's Teagan in the stroller waiting for the parade to start.

I will always remember trying to get Teagan's first July 4th pictures! I gave her a flag thinking it would be an oh-so-cute prop for her to kind of hold...but she went bananas waving it ferociously (who knew she is so patriotic?)!!! Seriously thought she would poke an eye out before I could take it back off her. Call it an Amateur Mom Move. This picture shows her wavvvvvvvvvvving like crazy...

..."That freaked me out too mom! Um, you can have this back....."

Sitting on Daddy's lap at John and Blair's dinner party.