Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A New Adventure!

Hello everyone! We are taking a quick breather here as we prepare for a new day in the Carolinas! It has been an exciting time as God prepares us for a brand new adventure! Brian has a new opportunity within his former company! Moving back to the Boulder area has been our dream for a long time! Colorado here we come! 

The team has been amazing relocating our family and it is happening so incredibly fast. Yesterday I was told to quit packing because the want to do it for us and take inventory at the same time....umm....really???? Serious squeals of delight from me! I am especially grateful as items I swear I put into tote boxes mysteriously kept making their way into the girls room!

We may even be able to squeeze in a quick trip to Ireland to see Brian's family before his July 1st start! We so miss everyone. Most of his family has relocated to Cork. But this trip would give us enough time to travel up and see his aunties and uncles too who are in Galway. 

We had the hardest part telling our friends here and neighbors the news. They mean so much to us! But I love how awesome God reveals His plans to us...the days we told two precious families they also shared they too are moving! Three out of five of my bible study members are leaving at the same time. 

The troops are getting restless here...better close for now with a quick Tea-ism:
Yesterday she waas bursting with excitement! "Mommmy, there are "smores and marshmellows in our yard!!!!"Well, I started to get excited too!! That is until I realized what she meant to say was "spores and mushrooms" that just doesn't have the same appeal, does it? Oh Tea! I love you my big girl! Here she is sleeping in one of her glamping tents! Little sis decided now was a good time to jump outta the crib so she has taken over Tea's toddler bed. Hopefully we are easing them into some shared rooming as we will be in a temporary corporate apartment with two bedrooms for a few months. Always an adventure!

Have a blessed day there!