Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kade Goes to Disney!

We captured this on the way to the airport and it had us giggling!

A Disney Recap

Kade is such a lucky and loved little boy. He got a trip to Disney in Florida as well as a Disney cruise to the Bahamas for his third birthday which we celebrated on February 21st! He, Mommy Melissa and Nana Mo had an amazing time! We loved catching up with him again over an indoor picnic as the weather had turned cold. He told us alllllll about his big adventures which included meeting a very tall Buzz Lightyear, Dora, Captain Hook and more!
He made Teagan a Mouseketeer as well! These two sure did miss each other and it was as cute as buttons seeing them together again.
A new Buzz, Bullseye anddddddddd Woody? Thanks Nana Mo!! I am not sure a happier boy exists.
I had to include this one for Uncle Rob. He's our little Fighter Pilot at heart and wears this jacket everywhere! Looks way tough...even if his favorite snuggle (appropriately dubbed "Horse") is in the pic.

Walking Buddies

The weather has given us a few nice days this winter so Teagan and I've been getting out and about for walks with our friends. Here are a few of our favs so far. We've more snow on the way this week but can't wait for spring!

Teagan and Lauren
They were born just one week apart and celebrated their first New Year's together.
Sweet girl!
And a smile for Mommy!
We love little Lauren and her hat that is too cute for words!
Nicola and Sasha
Teagan and a pirate! Kade fresh from Disney's Castaway Island in the Bahamas! He has declared that Captain Hook is NOT very nice!
Melissa with the kids looking oh-so-cool in her coat and Sketchers!
And me, in my favorite scarf getting ready for a walk around Melissa's hood!

Daddy's Birthday

We celebrated Brian's big day on February 15th! We love you so much Daddy!

He's how old????

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Teagan and I had a great Valentine's lunch date with Daddy then spent the afternoon as a family playing and coming up with oh so many reasons for funny giggles. We watched a bit of the Olympics too! Go Team USA!!
Ready to go!
But first a cuddle with her Valentine...
I'm not sure why this won't rotate for me. Suffice it to say she REALLY liked the Valentine from Kade. It's a little worse for the wear but going into her baby book.
One kiss from Mom and we are out the door!
Back and home and cuddling up for the night....heyyyyyyyyyyyy, what's this???
Awwwwwww there's no chocolate in there!!! Parental units, what is going on?
That's better...wait!!! I LOVE the luge!
Happy Valentine's Day everyone. I'm on to my next adventure which will probably include walking very soon!

First Snow

We got a surprise three inches of snow in Charlotte on Friday night! It was gorgeous and magical even if it was gone by noon the next day. Teagan liked her first snow day. Later she hung out at Auntie Melissa and Cousin Kade's. Thanks Mel for the impromptu date night!

Teagan's not so sure about this stuff!
Daddy's Girl
Brian with Tea and Kade

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Playdate

Teagan and I had a fun playdate with our Wednesday morning Mom's Bible study friends. This week we focused on the kids and all things pink and red! Teagan made cookies with heart sprinkles and a special hat before playing with Montgomery and Mackenzie. She got her first valentine from baby Devin (Spiderman)! But this Valetine's Day her heart belongs to Daddy who celebrates his birthday on the 15th!

She loved the sprinkles!
And her crazy hat with the heart shaped antenas.
Thanks Carson for letting us play with your cool toys!
Mommy's Little Valentine!

Thursday, February 4, 2010