Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer Days 2010

Finally! We are two weeks shy of September which can only mean one thing - relief from the Carolina's 60% humidity, temps in the 90's and 105 heat index! Inspiration to blog has been seriously lacking as I just seem to wilt in the summer months which started in May for us this year. Still, little Miss Tea, Brian and I have had some fun times and here are the pics to prove it! Friday night dinner date with Dad & Mom wrapped up with a trip to the park We celebrated July 4th with a parade and a celebration at Stumptown Park in Matthews
Kade and Teagan in their patriotic mobile!
A wave and a kiss to all she met that day
Little Kade still sporting his black eye from the fall down the stairs. Melissa tried to take a pic of him in boxing gloves and shorts but he was no willing model. Tea LOVES her new tunnel from IKEA
On the hottest days we've headed to a cool kids museum. Teagan loves the toddler room!
Doesn't this remind you a big ole Lite Brite from the '70's? How cool is that?
Chillin at Melissa and Kade's pool
A sleepy baby post her swim
There's nothing like Daddy pushing you in the swing before bedtime!
Now THESE are some great summer memories!
Our big girl, coming down the slide by herself!
That's all for now but we are gearing up for fall playdates, birthday parties and more so stay tuned!