Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kade's First Bike

"Yisten" everyone, it's been a BIG week here! Kade got his first bike, a super cool Spiderman bike. In a Buzz Lightyear nano-second he went from not-so-sure about the pedals to wizzing around Wal-Mart in super Spidy fashion! He tried it out later in Melissa's neighborhood and sure enough he has this down! Since then he has announced to every kid he meets that make no mistake, he has indeed acquired a brand new Spiderman bike.

Timing worked out especially well for this as he is staying with us for three days while Melissa is in Denver on a business trip. With roughly 17 kids on our cul-de-sac he has no shortage of kids to play with. Still, when I asked him if he'd come to stay for a few days he said, "Yisten, I can stay for a yittle while...but then I have to yeave."

....I heart Kade.

If I can just figure out this helmet.
He loves to say, "Guys, check this out!"
And he's off!

Happy Mother's Day 2010

Melissa and I had such an amazing Mother's Day this year thanks to Brian who arranged a surprise bunch with the girls, a day of shopping and afternoon BBQ with the guys! This time last year we were just home from the hospital with little Tea. I can't believe how fast the year has gone and how wonderful it is to be a mom! I simply cherish every single day we have as a family with Kade and Teagan!
This is a craft Kade and I made for Melissa!
He did a great job decorating the frame!
Melissa and Kade gave us matching pjs from my favorite online splurge, Red Envelope!

The Kelly Family...Brian wouldn't wear matching pink no matter what I tried!
Love this pic of Melissa and Kade! Happy Mother's Day to all!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May Fun

Seeing as it is 4:00 am and I can't sleep a wink I thought I'd post a few miscellaneous pics we've captured in May. We've had some great times catching up with friends and look forward to more dinner parties over the long summer. I love this hat Auntie Angie gave Tea. This was a really humid day where we visited a nursery trying to plan out new landscaping for the front of the house.
Playing ball! I think we have a future soccer player here as she'd rather dribble than throw!
A dinner date with Daddy, the Little and Keefer families!
Hanging out with buddy Zia post a toddler sing-a-long at Barnes & Noble.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Lauren's Ladybug Birthday Party

Teagan got invited to buddy Lauren's first birthday party which we celebrated on May 1st. They had a cute ladybug theme and we had such a great time! As always, John and Blair were the Hosts with the Most. Blair's decorations and special touches were spot on - right down to the red polka dotted ribbon bedecked wine glasses! We also loved meeting their family! Teagan with the birthday girl! They were born just one week apart!
The cutest cookies ever! They had a special thank you from Lauren on the back but my camera couldn't capture it.
The proud parents with their little ladybug!
Blair & Lauren
John and his mom with the birthday girl!
I love this pic! Little Joe was doing his best to show Tea bubbles but I think more ended up on his shirt and her dress than in the air. She does NOT look amused....
My baby
The two girls together. I can't wait to see what they are up to this time next year!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Teagan!

I can't believe our baby turned one year old on April 30th!! Brian and I had no idea how fantastic this year would be and can't wait for more! What really surprised us is that our baby baby. She's already a little girl! We are constantly amused as Teagan shows us her emerging personality. She is sure to be on the adventurous, funny, and at times,opinionated side. I am thinking specifically of how she follows me down our drive to get the mail whilst refusing to hold my hand (seriously? already??). She sqweek sqwaks orders to me, the birds and boys next door...our Little Mouse. We love you to bits!

We had three special birthday celebrations with family as we traveled in April. The first was in Texas with Poppy and Nana Mo, next was Arizona with her uncle, aunt and cousins. Then we wrapped it up with a special night back at home with Melissa, Kade and Daddy.

We got this super cute idea for the monkey cupcakes from Grashopper Mama's awesome blog (we are simply addicted to reading it)! The recipe was appropriately pink-a-fied by Nana Mo who suggested pink icing as a base, white M&M's for eyes with sparkly edible purple gel for the eyes and nose. Pink gel made for a cute smile while large and mini wafers were perfect for mouth and ear! It was so much fun decorating and Tea loved them!
Wow! Sugar buzz, Mom! This was her first time tasting cake and she l.u.v.e.d it!

In Arizona Aunt Angie and the kids put together this cute pink flamingo birthday party in a snap! We'd just taken Tea on her first trip to the zoo and this is a great reminder of our fun day out!
There never was a happier girl!
Uncle Brian was none too pleased with the twins dressing Kade in a Tinkerbell Tiara ......but it was Tinkerbell Tuesdaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!

In his new Texas "Woody" hat, as in Woody from Toy Story. Notice the blue-stained tongue from the Tinkerbell cake. Does it look like this boy is entertaining the idea of bedtime? I think not!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Trip to Arizona

We had a great trip to Arizona where we caught up with Teagan's Uncle Ron, Auntie Angela and cousins Peyton, Kiersten and Zachary! We'll always remember this time because it was full of laughter, trips to the park, impromptu ballet recitals, the zoo, sitting outside their house with its gorgeous mountain views and a very special first birthday party. But I get ahead of myself. The birthday celebrations will be posted next. For now, pictures of our trip!
Notice my vice-like grip as Teagan wanted to walk everywhere but was still unsteady!

Peyton minutes before giving this little fella a mohawk! She's an amazing gardener, horse enthusiast and ballerina. It is always so fun catching up with the kids and seeing what they are into now!

Kiersten gives Tea a push at Game Day. She's a brilliant soccer player looking so like her mom at that age. But she's just as gifted at ballet, our funny monkey who makes us laugh and loves pandas!

Fun at the zoo with Ron, Angie, Zachary and Teagan

She loved the ducklings!
So sweet!
The zoo was amazing! We got so very close to the animals.
What the heck is that Mom?????
Oh, ok! A giraffe...all's well!

Zachary got a raspberry!
In the R's backyard with its gorgeous views. This was our favorite place to wrap up the day.
Teagan learned to hug...and practiced on Zachary often! She loves him so. He kept her in stitches the entire trip! I told Brian we either need to get a little kitty or a Zachary for Tea.
Don't they look alike? It's wild! Poor Madison was not a fan of the baby who insisted on chasing her round and round the house whilst emitting high squeals of delight!
I loved being able to catch up with my sister! We stayed up way too late talking each night but I left with new recipes, books to read, and inspiration! Always fun catching up with The Luz!
Thanks to the R's for such an amazing trip! We love you!!!

Teagan's Texas Bluebonnets

If Nana Mo wants to find a new career it could be as photographer extraordinaire! She picked the day, time and location for this sweet photo. Also she is one tech-savy Nana to be sure! First, she captured this shot on her iPhone and applied the Helga filter using the CameraBag application to make it even cooler.

I've got plans for you my sweet bluebonnet baby. You are going to be enlarged and framed!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Texas, Our Texas!

Hello everyone! We are back from our trips to Texas & Arizona. We can sum up our vacay by saying it was the best.time.ever!!! Here are a few of our favorite moments from the Lone Star State!
I had to take this picture in our hometown because it so sums up the way we Texans think about our great state. That is, there is Texas...and the rest of The United States!!!

We spent a ton of time on Nana Mo and Poppy's swing! I love this pic because it captured Teagan's cute Mickey Mouse Crocs from Nana!
Sweet picture of Teagan and Poppy chilling in the sun
My first trip home as a mom! Three generations in this photo.

The location of my first job in high school. I was simply a disasterous waitress and didn't last long. Nor was I Chili's material. But somehow....I survived!
The day Tea wore her first raincoat and tried gelato for the first time! So many firsts!!
Love this pic of her playing at Poppy and Nana's!
The Texas Bluebonnets were magical this spring!

Being silly!

BF Forever!
We missed our Daddy! Teagan showed off her new swagger at the airport!