Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Teagan!

I can't believe our baby turned one year old on April 30th!! Brian and I had no idea how fantastic this year would be and can't wait for more! What really surprised us is that our baby baby. She's already a little girl! We are constantly amused as Teagan shows us her emerging personality. She is sure to be on the adventurous, funny, and at times,opinionated side. I am thinking specifically of how she follows me down our drive to get the mail whilst refusing to hold my hand (seriously? already??). She sqweek sqwaks orders to me, the birds and boys next door...our Little Mouse. We love you to bits!

We had three special birthday celebrations with family as we traveled in April. The first was in Texas with Poppy and Nana Mo, next was Arizona with her uncle, aunt and cousins. Then we wrapped it up with a special night back at home with Melissa, Kade and Daddy.

We got this super cute idea for the monkey cupcakes from Grashopper Mama's awesome blog (we are simply addicted to reading it)! The recipe was appropriately pink-a-fied by Nana Mo who suggested pink icing as a base, white M&M's for eyes with sparkly edible purple gel for the eyes and nose. Pink gel made for a cute smile while large and mini wafers were perfect for mouth and ear! It was so much fun decorating and Tea loved them!
Wow! Sugar buzz, Mom! This was her first time tasting cake and she l.u.v.e.d it!

In Arizona Aunt Angie and the kids put together this cute pink flamingo birthday party in a snap! We'd just taken Tea on her first trip to the zoo and this is a great reminder of our fun day out!
There never was a happier girl!
Uncle Brian was none too pleased with the twins dressing Kade in a Tinkerbell Tiara ......but it was Tinkerbell Tuesdaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!

In his new Texas "Woody" hat, as in Woody from Toy Story. Notice the blue-stained tongue from the Tinkerbell cake. Does it look like this boy is entertaining the idea of bedtime? I think not!

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