Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our Pink Cowgirl Turns Two!

Hi everyone! We are wrapping up a great first week at home with both of the girls and with Brian back at work. I finally have time to post pictures of Teagan's second birthday party that we had on April 17th. It was a fun pink cowgirl theme we had when I was 39 weeks pregnant. Isla was born just four days after so it was a special (albeit exhausting) time! We had 17 toddlers and their families with us for the special day!
The super pink jumpy castle. There never was a happier girl than Teagan when she saw this being put up from our second story window! It was hard to convince her she needed a nap before the festivities started!
My mom was visiting and she had such great ideas! Here is the start of the grub table. We had the most gorgeous pink cupcakes, turkey wraps, chips, chicken nuggets, a fruit salad and cheese bites. We used galvanized buckets for the chips and wrapped knives, forks and spoons with raffia and displayed them in a wooden box for a rustic look. Sheriff's badges and miniture horses dotted the table.
My wellies made a great display along with pink bandanas, cowbells, wheat and galvanized pail favors for the kids. Each child went home with a pail that included a pink or denim colored bandana, Alamo shaped shortbread cookies, cowgirl lollipops, miniture horse themed bubbles, a sheriff's badge and horse.
Teagan was so excited when her first guest, cousin Kade arrived in full Woody costume! He has made Teagan a Toy Story fan in short order!
Caleb gave her this oh-so-very-pink horse! The perfect accessory for a pink cowgirl party!

Twins Logan and Lindsay came ready to play!

How cute is this picture that Natasha captured of adorable Ashleigh?

One of Teagan's favorite people ever is Mr. Lonnie

Isn't this outfit so cute? Stephanie at Poppies Garden made the adorable T-shirt and bow!
The bubble machine was a big hit too!
We love Zachary, Nisha and Zia
Elsa liked the pink-a-licious cupcakes!

Cowboy Daniel looking way cool!

Singing Happy Birthday to our little girl!

This picture makes my heart happy!

Someone is starting to look very sleepy! She loved the bouncy castle but the runner up had to be these heart shaped cowgirl lollies. Everytime I looked up she had snagged another one!

Our happy girl! Even weeks after the big day she gets SO excited talking about her party. Thanks to all the family and friends who came out to make the day super special!