Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunshine in January

We finally got outside when relatively warmer weather rolled into town. Teagan and I have started joining other moms for a 4 mile walk on a gorgeous greenway each week. We also captured pics of an afternoon picnic on our front lawn one super sunny afternoon. Bring on spring!
Look Poppy and Nana Mo! I have teeth!!!

All bundled up for the first day of our greenway walk and ready to see the other babies!

If I concentrate super hard I can stand holding on to this walker!

But make no mistake, my FAVORITE thing to do is to have a late afternoon Jumperoo Fest!

A Last Look at Christmas

I can't believe Teagan's first Christmas has come and gone. Here are a few more of our favorite moments from 2009.....

Teagan's first stocking.

My happy seven month old fresh from a nap. She loves it when Mommy sings Jingle Bells!
Christmas shopping fun! At least for Mom. Dad and Teagan? Not so much.

Christmas Dinner
A sleepy Christmas morning
More fun on Christmas
Dressed for dinner...minus the shoes which just wouldn't stay on!
Kade will not let me take his picture these days for any amount of love nor money - but I caught him on the sly having a great time with the Wii! Our future little Formula 1 driver!