Friday, March 19, 2010

Teagan's First Dentist Visit!

Teagan just got her fourth tooth and so it was time to take her to meet Dr. Beth. She loved the bright office and fun staff. The doctor was so great with her and spent time just getting to know us. Little Tea didn't like the exam very much but it only lasted a few seconds. The dentist gave her the all clear for six more months and she got a cool triangle shaped toothbrush. Next week it's cousin's Kade's turn for a visit! In her carseat and ready to go!
In the waiting room. This place is just for kids!
They have fun books everywhere!
In the end, she made a new friend. Thanks Dr. Beth!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

The big day isn't officially here yet but we've been busy making pot o' gold crafts with Kade, sending out well wishes here and abroad, going to Teagan and Kade's first Paddy's Day parade, baking Michiko's famous brown bread, even indulging in a cuppa Barry's Irish Tea and the gorgeous chocolates Betty sent over. On Wednesday we are going to meet Brian and his work mates for a tour and lunch! It's sure to be a St. Patrick's Day to remember this year. Erin Go Bragh!!!

Kade loved making this pot o' gold picture frame!

Teagan's 1st Paddy's Day Parade!

On Saturday we took Teagan and Kade to a St. Paddy's Day parade downtown and it was so much fun! Who knew our little parade would last over an hour and pack the streets with people? The rain held off until it ended giving us a beautiful sunny morning to start the day! Jeff and Allison
Teagan and Kade are ready to go!

Cool Kid
Daddy's Girl
Kade heard there might be candy so he hung out close to the action!
Maybe Teagan will be a ceili (pronounced k-lee) dancer one day?

I included this one for Kade, a favorite from the day!
Our Irish pub of choice that just opened again after a fire shut them down last year.
Jeff, Brian and Teagan
A nice woman gave her beads but she wanted to eat them so they didn't stay on long!
Emily and Kade being silly!
Debbie and moi


I took Kade and Teagan on my run yesterday and got two naps for the price o' one! They looked so peaceful that Brian caught these pictures when we got home.

Friday, March 12, 2010

A Zebra in the Sun!

We had a gorgeous few days here before the rain settled in again. This is such a cute outfit from Nana Mo! See the hairbow? It's so adorable, right? That explains why we simply had to spend an additional 30 minutes trying to track down where little Miss Teagan threw it on our hour long walk! Turns out the 3rd fairway is the place to be! She must have thought some golfer's outfit needed a boost!