Friday, August 23, 2013

Fun Summer

Happy Friday all! We are having a great week here full of pirate parties, gymnastics, swimming, park play dates and more! I'm so behind on posting pictures so here is a quick look at some of the fun we've been up to in our new home!

Our first day in the corporate apartment. Isla said, "This is where we live now!"

On Saturdays we bike into the cutest little town for crepes and eggs benedict. They have a left handers theme and annual festival!

had a serious handful o' Teagan's locks. Tea was all tears and cried, "I was jussssst playing a game with her!!" I asked what the game was. Hit the Bird. Guess who the bird was? 

Hiking the foothills of the Rocky Mountains with dad!

Kade, Teagan and Isla exploring our new home together! Poor Tea added five more scrapes in addition to rolling down the mountain with me a few days ago! Poor girl got her mom's coordination to be sure:)!

These two have missed each other so much! We just may have them talked into moving be continued. 

Happy girls exhausted from adventures!

Teagan was super excited to pick her own flowers at a local farm. She also picked out yummy peaches, tomatoes, and cucumbers. The sweet farmers gave us some of their famous sweet corn to sample as well. There is a huge farm to table influence here and we are loving it!

Catching her first fish at the amazing children's museum!

Teagan was all about tending to her felt veggie garden! We spent 4 hours at the museum and could have stayed longer!

It's a triple espresso kinda day with this monkey up at 5 am excited about mommy painting her baby toes! How could I say no? Love you sweet Isla!

Next week we are off to new digs in the form of a rental house. The landlords are awesome and letting us go month-to-month. We pray our house in the Carolinas sells so we can start concentrating on a home here!

What are you up to this weekend? Thanks for sharing these days with us! Hugs from Brian, Michelle, Teagan and Isla!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fun In The Sun

We are having the best time exploring our new home! Just time to post a few quick pictures before we are off again. I'll share our trip to Ireland later this week. Hope all are well. Tell us how you are wrapping up your summer!

Teagan and I had the best mommy and daughter date at the Rocky Mountain Tea Festival! She was delighted that her knight took time to have a cuppa with her! Face painting, dress up, strawberry-lemon children's tea and princess crafts rounded out the perfect Sunday afternoon!

My little Boo. That's Isla's new nickname due to her love of the baby girl in Monsters Inc. But the name fits for obvious reasons, no? This, post a relay race on our driveway gone wrong.

Missing cousin Kade and little Cooper! Somehow we became super attached to this pup in short fashion. At least Kade and Auntie Melissa got to make a trip out here. Will post those fun pics this week too!

We moved on July 3rd so by the end of the night on Independence Day the girls were super tired. Watching the fireworks over the Rockies here.

There is SO much to do with kids here! Isla loves dressing up as a blackbird at our local museum. A great way to spend a rainy day.

We've caught the tail end of festival season which has been a blast! 

That's all for now. Thanks for visiting! Hugs and love from the Colorado crew!