Friday, June 19, 2009

Teagan's First Travel!

We had a BLAST at Gere and Rachael's wedding in Colorado. It was gorgeous and we had too, too, too much fun catching up with the Colorado crew and the Irish that flew in for the festivities. Teagan proved to be an easy traveler and experienced many "firsts" during our stay. Special thanks to Nana Mo who came from Dallas to babysit while we danced the night away...ok, I danced the night away. Brian? Not so much! However, he did make it out on the dance floor long enough to give the groom a serious case of The Bumps!!

Teagan met the lovely Nokovics who gave her a most appropriate gift via Dr. Seuss!
Our US Airways pilot allowed us into the cockpit upon hearing this was her first flight!

At baggage claim...Daddy is beginning to think Mom is camera crazy but one day he'll love all the pics!

Chilling at the Hotel Monaco which is right across the street from the loft apartment Michelle and Ann Marie shared when we first moved to Colorado!

Anne Dillon meets little Teagan!

Karen Dillon looked stunning in her gorgeous purple dress!

We love Michiko and baby Stephen! He was born just two weeks before Teagan and is sure to be a heartbreaker like big brother Sean.

Tea had lots of smiles for Nana Mo who taught her the hokey pokey and pilates!

Baby Teagan and Baby Ryan in an this is so very different from our days in San Diego when the fire department was called because we'd crammed too many happy Gaelic footballers into one sad elevator!

Alex Nokovic meets Tea!

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