Thursday, October 21, 2010

Teagan's First Haircut

At seventeen months old, and with Daddy threatening to take matters into his own scissor-wielding hands it was time for Tea's first haircut! This was bittersweet as it truly marked the end of her babyhood for me. But the happy news is those curls which delight me so look to be here to stay!

We took a journey to Pigtails & Crewcuts with Auntie Melissa who proved to be the perfect videographer. I expected some resistance and even a few tears from Little Mouse but she was super happy playing with their train table then taking a seat in the 1950's style taxi cab. At the end she got a lollipop and her choice of a prize from the treasure chest. I knew immediately what my fashionista would go for - a bracelet!

P&C made this so special taking a photo and saving a lock of hair which is going into a special silver holder from Gram and Grandpa Kelly
Stylist Michelle explains she is going to use "a little drop of rain"
Checking out the cute boy in the fire truck next to her!

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