Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Trip to Ireland

We spent the latter part of September and most of October in Ireland. Brian's father continues to recover and we are so looking forward to his first request which will no doubt be for some delicious sort of cake...or round of golf! While we were home it was great to catch up with friends and relatives. Teagan and I had a very special time with Shay and Avril. We filled our days with long walks, trips to the park, lots of laughter and I got completly hooked on The X Factor. A special hello to her family!

Cousin Shay shows Teagan the ropes at the local playground.
This is technically from the beach trip but I had to include it here. I will always remember this look as being so Teagan at age 5-6 months! Little Man is ready to go for a walk!
Ok, all I picture here is these two as teenagers and the amount of trouble they will get into on summer trips to see each other!!
He's a little Keith if I ever did meet one!
Baby Teagan sleeping so peacefully on a walk.

And waking up a few minutes later. This is one of my favorite pictures as it shows her sweet spirit.
Baby and Daddy waking up! No doubt SkySports is playing some form of footy on the telly.

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