Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Christmas Card Photo Quest

Mon Dieu! How many twins does it take to get a seven month old and a two-and-a half year old to look into the camera at the same time and smile?? Melissa and I thought we'd brave the task of capturing the ever important Christmas Card Photo ourselves. Ohhhh naive mommies! Once the perfectly planned Christmas outfits were donned our formerly shiny, happy little ones (who so often indulge their camera crazed moms) just couldn't get in the Christmas spirit, at least not at the same time. We still got a few chuckles out of the day and in the end, a card.

One of many photos where they are totally not looking or smiling at the same time despite any amount of coaxing or bribery!
What it is they are trying to get us to do???
Ohhhhh babies! No one is happy here!
Houston, we have a card! Teagan is not smiling in the larger picture. Do you know what her Daddy asked? "Why didn't you use one where they were BOTH smiling???" As if!

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