Thursday, December 3, 2009

So Much to Be Thankful For

The Guckenberger's were so nice to include us in their family Thanksgiving again this year. I loved how Alex and Olivia decorated the walls and table with art and chocolate turkey placecard holders. Teagan tried pumpkin and mashed potatoes for the first time and loved both which made her daddy very happy! There's some Irish in there somewhere if she's a spud lover!

We have so much to be thankful for this year including our family and friends, Gerry's recovery and release from the hospital in Ireland, Keith and Brian's new jobs, our little Pascaline in Rwanda, the fact that somehow Melissa and I made it to our 40th birthdays and with just a little worse for the wear...we are even grateful for Teagan's first tooth that popped up this week because it means our little girl is growing up, even if it is so very quickly. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving of their own!!!

Olivia and Teagan

Ze Artistes Alex and Olivia
Jon hamming it up!
Jen, Alex and Jean
I've so much to be thankful for!
I'm telling you pumpkin is DIVINE!!

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