Tuesday, September 6, 2011

One Photo

Sometimes a photo can break a heart.
I've seen some pictures out of Africa recently.
Harsh realities. Incomprehensible conditions. I thought we would do what we could do to help.
Another day.
When the kids were in bed. When we had more time.

But today. Today was the day when I saw The Photo. I wasn't looking for it. And if I'm honest...I wish I hadn't seen it. I wish my mind didn't have to process this reality. That I wouldn't be compelled to do whatever I can to make what I hope is a difference. For one little boy. Or girl. For a desperate mother or father.

But my heart won't stop whispering a simple message: They need us.

Picture posted by Natalia Jimenez/The Star-Ledger

Sure, there are many more graphic photos out there. But this one. This one speaks to me as a mother. I see the desperation. Wouldn't you do anything, anything, anything to save your baby? What if there was no help? No hope?

Maybe my Photo isn't the one that moves you? Maybe your Photo is still out there, waiting to be discovered? Please take time to look for it. It won't take long to find, I promise.

In the meantime please consider a life-changing donation to UNICEF or another relief organization. And ask your employer to match the funds if that is a benefit you receive. Don't wait friends. The timing is critical and our international community has to act NOW. Consider these facts as published by UNICEF.

*This is a children’s famine. Children are dying every day. We need to bring this to the world’s attention before it is too late.

*Over 2 million children in East Africa are acutely malnourished, with more than half a million children at risk of imminent death without urgent assistance. These children are living on the brink and their situation becomes more critical every day.

*With the right therapeutic feeding, a child can recover in 6 weeks. We can save lives if we act now.

*This crisis is set to deepen over the next 6 months, with the whole of southern Somalia likely to fall into famine unless there is a massive increase in the humanitarian response.

*UNICEF is the largest supplier of life-saving therapeutic food in Somalia. They have been working for children in Somalia for over 30 years.

*UNICEF works with local Somali administrations where they exist, Somali communities, local and international NGOs and other UN agencies to help deliver services to Somali children and women.

*UNICEF urgently needs more than £190 million (US$314 million) to expand rapidly their efforts to save children’s lives across East Africa.


  1. I'm glad someone else with a heart for Africa found my blog and that you got your message across to your readers, as well. It's so easy to ignore, when it's not in our faces, but if that man were crawling down our streets, we wouldn't be able to turn a blind eye. Thank you. :)


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