Monday, September 5, 2011

Teagan is 28 Months Old!

Happy 28th month my sweet baby girl! We are having so much fun together despite full entry into the phenomenon known as the Terrible Two's! It was a great summer around here as we settled into the life of a family of four. Here you are checking out an American Girl catalogue we got in the mail. I took the picture because most days you are more in to trains, play tools and such. Sigh. I think my days of having you in girly-girl bows and tutus are numbered!

Today you weigh 30.4 lbs!

Your Favorite Food Is: Birthday cake (just the frosting part) followed closely by popsicles!

Your Favorite Color Is: Green. Yes. As much as I have set you up to lurve pink.

Favorite Expression: Oopsy-doozy (instead of oopsy-daisy)!

Your Favorite TV Show: Yo Gabba Gabba, hands down. And as a sweet surprise Daddy and I are going to take you to see them LIVE! Soon, very soon my little Teagan! I can't wait to see your face when they come out on stage!

You wear a size 2T-3T

You wear a size 9 shoe that we simply must locate this week!

Potty Training Update
I am so very proud of you! You have had several successes and I think we'll be ditching the diapers pretty soon! You are super independent in everything you do and tell ME when you have to head to the potty.

This month we were in the car and I was listening to Lissie's When I'm Alone. You said, "Don't scare my ears Mommy! I just want the monkey song." Man am I tired of that song. But you could listen to it over. And over. And over again.

We had a great time at a family picnic with our church Sunday school class. I love your little curls in this picture. One night this month while I was washing your hair you said, "Don't water my hair Mommy!" You are kinda bossy. I often wonder where you get that from. Don't ask Daddy.

I love this dress from The Dillons on you. This is the way you pose when I ask you to say cheese for a photo!

Also new this month is that you've taken to saying you will do something because "it's too hard for you Mommy." And you asked me how old I was. Two years old? Four years old, Mommy?? Bless your little heart. Did I mention I love you?

You are such a great big sister and only walloped Isla a few times this month! But I think there is still a teensy bit of jealousy hanging on. One day when I hurt myself I explained I was fine. I told you I just hurt myself but you were super adamant that it was in fact ISLA who had caused the pain.

But mostly you love her and love on her. And she gets a true kick out of you too and smiles when you talk to her. I can't wait until you two can play together! Here's to the end of a super fun summer Teagan! We are off to more fall adventures and I can't wait to see what "Tea-isms" you have for us this month!

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