Friday, November 11, 2011

Birthday Party Fun!!

We are back from vacation and had an amazing time seeing family and friends in Arizona and Colorado! I can't wait to share our pictures but I took so many that I need a day or two to go through them. We've been down this week with a virus that ran through our house and are just getting back into the swing of things.

In the meantime, last weekend we got home despite 11 inches of Colorado snow the morning of our departure and just in time for our buddy Daniel's awesome Buzz Lightyear themed 4th birthday party!! Dad Mark and Mom Polly sure do know how to throw a fun celebration and we always like catching up with them, Daniel and his baby sister Ashleigh who's not so little anymore! Here are some of our favorite moments. I have been playing around with fun and free features on!

Gavin cracks me up! He told me this was the face of some super hero I had never heard of. No doubt he's a dead ringer as he is giving it his all here!

Just look at these so cute fall scrunchies Teagan's cousin Peyton made for her! I love them and was delighted she was distracted enough by all the cool toys and cake to keep them in her hair!

Lucas is Gavin's baby brother and he is just too cute for words! I wanna scoop him up...and did!

Ashleigh is showing Teagan how to go about picking toys for Mr. Claus to bring her at Christmas. Makes me giggle as the adults all remembered doing the same with huge Sears catalogues in our childhood. Now Tea is doing the same at home but holding steadfast to the most important request this year: a sparkly suitcase (see my previous post)!

After the party we had to stop by Aunt Melissa and Cousin Kade's house. We missed them so much!

Kade racccccccccccccced down the sidewalk toward me for action shots and even left skid marks despite my pleas that he not run over his Auntie!!

Checking out the festive decorations at neighbor and friend Donia's house.

Isn't Picnick cool??

Policeman Kade makes sure Tea is buckled in for the ride home. See you next time friends!

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