Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Teagan is 30 Months Old!

My sweet Teagan, tomorrow you are off on a last minute adventure! We are joining Daddy on his business trip to Arizona where we will spend time with your uncle Ron, aunt Angie and cousins Peyton, Kiersten and Zachary followed by a week in Colorado where we will catch up with friends we have missed so, so, so much since our move!

In the meantime, I forgot to post your update at 29 months old and you are growing so fast!

*Today you weigh 29 lbs 6 oz*

*You wear a size 2T but more often are fitting 3T clothes so half the time I have the wrong size for you. In shoes I was sure you were a size 9 but in some shoes you are still an 8.5 so I am guessing there too!*


- You looked confused when a woman in the store said you sure are a lucky girl. You said,"I'm not yucky!!!"

- You spied some sheds in a field and became convinced they belong to The Three Little Pigs. Which is cute. But not so much when you get upset with me if I chose not to go down that road!

-On the way home from church last week you said, "Stop messing with me!" By the way, you totally got this saying from your dad!

-"Isla has the pickups!" (hiccups)

- "When daddy was a baby he drank whisky!" (You overheard Nana Betty talking about how she put a bit of whisky on his gums when he was teething. How you came up with this conclusion is beyond me...but it got such a response that you love repeating it over. And over.

-"Oh yeahhhh! I get it."

-"Do you understand me guys? (hands thrown up) I want my chocolate milk."

-"I'm organizing/I'm measuring/I'm going to work." You love giving us a play-by-play of your very busy and important toddler day.

-"I'm the mommy" you said as you walked around in circles. Me: Teagan, is that what mommies do? Walk in circles??? Daddy thought that was super funny.

-Last night you said, "I'm a girl. I'm stronggggggggggggg (with arm muscles flexed)!"

-Tonight we talked about Madison, your cousins' kitty cat. For some reason you cautioned us, "Don't eat him because it's yucky. We DON'T eats cats....but if her back hurts, I'll pet her." Good to know.

Here are some fun videos we captured recently. I love you my little mouse....


  1. I can just hear Teagan saying the above quotes. LOL. She is getting so big.

  2. I loved this. The videos are great. Teagan has the sweetest voice ever! Have so much fun in AZ and CO!! xoxo

  3. So cute!!

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