Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Santa Can Wait!

Whew! What a crazy busy night! Brian stayed with the girls so I wouldn't have to drag them all over tomorrow going from errand to errand. I got seven stops in between 7:00 and 10:00 despite getting little sleep in the last week. When I say I am not sleeping I mean as in I am getting four hours a night lately! I am not sure what is going on but I seem to float from room to room at night soothing one baby before the next one wakes up. Hopefully it is a phase. Anyway, despite needing to go straight to bed it was so worth every second tonight as I didn't have to sprint through Costco with two little ones trying to get out of the cart!

Speaking of shopping, Teagan has become a bit of a shopper herself! Now when we go to the store she has longer arms and many more opinions. Last week we were on the baking aisle at our grocery store. She got so excited telling me to, "STOP!! Go back, Mommy!! Looooooooooook, Mommy!!! We HAVE to get this!!" She was so very excited. You may wonder what was so life changing that we simply had to go back for it? A cheap set of salt and pepper shakers. Magically they didn't make it home with us. Ha!

I was spot on when I named her blog Teagan's Travels because she loves to travel as much as her mom and dad. So far she's been to Colorado, South Carolina, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Mexico and Ireland. But she's an even bigger fan of luggage. She just adores it so THIS was just a super awesome find....

Pink, sparkly and expensive!!

Watch this video! I told her this was a job for Santa Claus but she didn't understand my meaning. She tells me Santa can play with all the other toys in the store but this bag is HERS!

Happy Thursday everyone! And sweet dreams....


  1. Oh my goodness she is too cute!

    Following you from the Blog Hop Till You Drop! So glad I found your wonderful blog! Please follow me back! Thanks :)

    Daily Mothering

  2. found you from the blog hop and am now following you. would love a follow back.


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